ECZ Roundup... Did you survive the holiday?


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My Duckie did pretty well this season, we had no significant anxiety until she was out of school starting last Friday. The weekend was touchy, but manageable. We did find her standing in front of the tree late Friday and Saturday nights, just staring in wonder and awe. :rofl: Plus, she cracked up the congreagation during the Christmas Eve service by announcing, rather loudly, that she just couldn't believe Santa was coming that night! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/11-24g.gifShe did pretty well while we had company yesterday, again with a few rough moments.
She's thrilled with her gifts and has said thank you several times. :bravo: She slept much better last night, I suspect because the waiting was over. :blush:
I'm pretty worn out from making it happen, but need to rest up for one more party to hostess next Saturday as my brother's family comes over. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/11-24b.gif
Now the task will be keeping her from being bored over the break. :hammer:
So how did the rest of the kids do?

Andrea Danielle

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Hi TM, glad you survived. It sounds like you had some fun with Duckie.
We did pretty well, some aggression from difficult child but overall really good. He has played well with his brother, did well accepting gifts from us and the extended family - it always makes me a bit nervous how he will react.
We gave the boys a gekko (lizard thingy) for Christmas and difficult child has been so gentle and loving with her. He tells her he loves her and she walked around his neck, and on his arms. It seems to be the perfect pet, so far. We also gave him a mini trampoline with a bar to hold onto and put it in our kitchen, he loves it! it seems to be a good sensory tool because he gets his exercise and seems to like the bouncing, it kind of relaxes him :smile:

Happy holidays everyone!


difficult child 2 did pretty well. Course, we're learning, too, how to make things better for him. I didn't put a single gift under the tree until Thursday. No talk of Santa and being good or bad, and any and all attempts by "outsiders" to bring said subject up was thwarted at all costs, even to the point of rudeness, if necessary.
Christmas eve came and went with only the allowance of opening one gift, as has been the tradition for difficult child 1 since he was tiny. No reference to the next day being Christmas, no reference to Santa coming, nothing. He slept til almsot 9 on Christmas day.
We limited Christmas day gatherings to one other than at home, and all in all, it was a great day for all.


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I'm glad you got through with no major outbursts. Pets can be a godsend for difficult children because it gives them and opportunity to grow in the love and responsibility arenas. I'm also glad he likes his trampoline, that should be a big help as the cold weather sets in.
I'm glad you found a plan that worked for everyone. I think the biggest hurdle as a parent is accepting that it's better to do less but do it well rather fail miserably by trying to do too much.
:smile: /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/8_6_31.gif :smile:


Mom? What's a difficult child?
We did OK... violence is back... she is suffering again from anxiety and heightened Sensory Integration Disorder (SID), depression etc.... punched husband in the eye 3 times Friday night...

She is so hungry... we are going to call her psychiatrist in the morning and try to figure things out.
She was overwhelmed on Christmas... overreacting, freaking out... we kept it low key only one visitor later on, after a nap.

I hope she will do better now that Christmas is over and if we can tweak her medications...

Her Occupational Therapist (OT) today said she was all over the board... no answers. ugh

She likes her presents though. She made a pot holder today from her old fashioned pot holder kit!!! I had to help a little...

We tried to make it as nice as possible regardless.


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I *think* risperdal can make one hungry, so you need to watch for excessive weight gain. You might consider severely limiting the amount of junk food in the house and have a ready supply of healthy snacks she can easily get to. Has difficult child started a mood stabilizer yet?


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We survived but barely. Christmas eve we left my parents to come home and my van broke down. We had to walk at 10pm at night for 1 hour to get home. Older 2 kids were pretty good about it but difficult child flipped out, I had to carry him most of the way and now my back is shot. Christmas morning was ok, he opened gifts well but he wanted to play with his brother's stuff and of course that didn't go over well.

My family tends to be very hard on difficult child so any time we spend with them is frustrating and upsetting, I'm just glad it is all over and I can try and get back to normal with him.


Mom? What's a difficult child?
TM- yeah I already new about the weight gain... we don't eat junk food. We are the no trans fat, no partially hydrogenated oils, mostly organic, soy kind of family... but unfortunately this medication packs on the pounds and makes them crave carbs... and tired. We are exercising etc... no she is not on a mood stabilizer. she needs to stabilize on the Resperidal first before we add any thing else. And severe obesity runs on husband Mom's side of the family... thanks for asking

BRK- Sorry your car broke down... I would not have been happy walking either!!! I kept difficult child away from all family this year and I think it helped. Glad it is over as well. Hope your back gets better!!!


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We survived. This was one of the most laid back holidays we have done. Very low key was the only reason for success.

I will say I'm glad it is all over and done for a while.