Eeyore is driving everyone nuts!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Apr 7, 2009.

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    He's walked out of his classroom 3 times in two weeks. He got two detentions and the principal and I have agreed that the next time he does it, he'll get an ISS. Then today I figure out he stole at least $25 from me. He's growled at his teachers and principal (literally growled). He caused problem after problem on our trip to New York. I'm going to try and find him a new therapist because his current one is so overbooked and cancels so much that I don't think he's seen her since December.

    There are holes in his bedroom walls, again.

    But on the flip side, he has brought his grades up to almost straight As...????

    I know he is stressing himself out...
    (a) sibling visits with Kanga have started
    (b) school year is ending and he is moving onto jr high
    (c) Piglet and Eeyore are both enjoying activities that he has to tag along with but he doesn't have any activity of his own (trust me we have tried).

    Plus the normal teenage stuff.

    Well, off to school to confiscate all of his bookfair things purchased with the stolen money.
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    {{{Hugs}}} Sorry he's putting everyone through their paces. Is he able to stay home when the youngers' have activities? I would also excuse him from visits with Kanga starting immediately if you think it's adding to his issues. I also agree with a new therapist, what's the point if he's never seen? The other thing I'd consider is a medication check... he may be growing and need a different dose.
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    Thank TM. It turns out that he stole $40 -- he also got $20 out of husband's wallet (amazing what they will confess to when they think you already know LOL). I had the principal pull him out of his after school club and we confronted him as a unified front. He was defiant, verbally aggressive, threw paper at me and then acted as if he was going to throw his band instrument case at me. The principal told him that if he threw the case, she would call the police immediately. He put the case down. After he confessed and received his punishments (he has to write the principal a letter apologizing for being disrespectful to both of us and he is not allowed to touch money until he has done a few weeks worth of chores to earn back $40 -- he had spent it all or given it to other kids at school).

    The principal was so great. After we sent him out of the office, she apologized to me for my son. She said that while she was shocked by his behavior, I clearly was not and she was so sorry that I had to deal with this. She was Kanga's principal a several years ago and she always supported me even though she said she had a hard time picturing Kanga as violent. I told her Eeyore couldn't hold a candle to Kanga for sheer violence. She now had a snapshot of what we live with every day. She's going to increase Eeyore's social work services at school as a "crisis measure". She is also going to help us find a new therapist that may take medicaid.

    I wish I could excuse him from Kanga visits. Heck, I wish I could excuse us all but the reality is that Kanga's funding has become very rocky and we could end up having to bring her home even if no one is ready if we lose the grant. I think if we bring her home without any contact/therapy it will be worse.

    We've tried leaving Eeyore home alone when the others have events but he can't be trusted (opens the door to strangers, tries to cook on the stove, steals, etc). I 'll leave him alone just long enough for me to pick up Piglet from her afterschool activities (12 minutes round trip) but any longer is asking for trouble. I am going to put him in our park district day care this summer on the big weeks when the other kids have all-day activities (cub scout camp, hockey camp, etc) so that he doesn't have to sit through them.

    psychiatrist is tinkering with his medications which I think is a huge part of it.
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    Sounds really difficult right now. I'm sorry things are so rough. Your principal sounds like a true gem!