Elevated white blood count

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    If anyone remembers, we have been to the pediatrician doctor almost every other week for the last few months. He has had URI, sinus infection, ear infection, pink eye, another URI last week. The last few days difficult child has been soooooo good. Mood was just typical 5 yr old, nose almost completely dry, no cough. Last night he woke me up complaining of an earache.

    I put some drops in his ear and he complained on and off for hours. He finally went to sleep around 4:30 A. M. At 8:30 A. M. he woke up and said he was ok and wanted to go to school. He is still on antibiotics from last visit last week and he had no fever so I took him around 9:00 A. M.

    At 11:00 had to go back and pick him up because he was just laying around and didn't want to do anything. Looked bad and complaining about his ear again.

    Wound up taking him back to pediatrician doctor and they did test for flu and said it was negative but his white count was very elevated... over 29,000. She checked his chest and said all was clear. Both his ears are "congested". She gave us two options. One, get a shot of Rocefen (sp?), start another round of Omnicef and come back in the morning for repeat CBC. If white count down, he can get another shot and stay home. If not down then she will admit him to the hospital for IV antibiotics.

    Can't tell you how fun that might be :wildone:

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    Oh Donna,

    I hope they can help him feel better. :frown: Without hospitilization. :frown: Poor little guy. :frown: Holding a good thought and saying a prayer.

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    thanks Robbie,

    We went back today and because he has been fever free since yesterday afternoon she felt we were ok just continuining on the increased antibiotic she prescribed yesterday. We did have a chest x-ray which difficult child got to see as soon as they were done on the computer screen. He thought it was way cool, lol.

    So no trip to the hospital today thank goodness.

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    Sorry I haven't responded to this before now, Donna.
    Poor little guy! Poor you! {{{Hugs}}} How is he feeling now? Any further improvement? It might help you to know that Duckie has had one form of the crud or another every Christmas so far except last year. We consider tissues a stocking stuffer around here.
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    Amazingly, difficult child is doing very well. He looks tired and has dark circles under his eyes but he is up and doing normal kid stuff.

    Chest x-ray had almost no congestion, so I guess that rules out pnuemonia thank goodness. Still doesn't explain that extremly high WBC just for an ear infection.

    I read where lithium can cause high WBC but guess I'll have to wait for the psy doctor appointment next week to discuss this with him.

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    Sounds like Duckie, our family doctor thinks she has had mono since October or November. We could have a blood test done to confirm but I decided against it as we treat it like a cold either way.