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    Y'all know I like to pass on info I find especially if it moves me emotionally. I had a grandma who had breast cancer. I remember how horrible she felt post-mastectomy. My Gpa died before I was born, and she didn't date, so it wasn't so much that. They just took so much out, and so much muscle too, at that time.

    So I listened to The Doctor's after Janet mentioned it.

    They talked about a skin sparing mastectomy to treat breast cancer. Usually the cancer is not in the skin and often not even near the nipple. This technique is shown to be as effective as a total mastectomy for getting rid of the cancer. It leaves most of your skin and often the nipple. During the surgery they go ahead and put an implant in place so you wake up sore but with breasts that look far better, more natural.

    This is a way that most women can survive breast cancer and not be disfigured the way "normal" mastectomies leave women!!!

    So if you (God forbid) or a loved one is diagnosed with breast cancer you can (and should) ask for, insist on a plastic surgeon to be part of the team. Demand a skin sparing mastectomy!

    Because so many women now know a relative or friend who was disfigured by a mastectomy and so they refuse to be tested, even ignore signs of cancer because they don't want to look like that!

    Now we don't have to. Bless the doctors who developed this!

    Tell your friends. Here is the tvshow (just a short clip) about this: www.thedoctorstv.com - clip on videos and then scroll down to see skin sparing mastectomy.

    One doctor who developed this started The Breast Preservation Foundation to help get the word out. Here is a link and I encourage you to check it out: http://www.breastpreservationfoundation.org/
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    What a good idea and nice option!

    PS- I'm sorry I was so testy in responding to your post on my thread yesterday.
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    Wasn't aware that you were. No problem. I have my moments too. Hugs.
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    This is excellent information to know and have.
    Thank you.
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    I wouldn't be telling people to "demand this". I have had a double mastectomy, and no way would I want any part of my breast attatched to my body. It's a very personal decision. All woman have their own preferences.

    Some cancer will continue to proliferate if the patient chooses this option. All women should listen to their doctors. This is not the time when your grandmother had hers, when doctors don't present options, it's routine to have a plastic surgeon reconstruct initially. To post to women to "demand this" without knowing the facts is silly. Doctors will do what a woman wants- this may not be the best thing. The pathology report has everything to do with what the options are at diagnosis.