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    Hi there,

    My little cherub (fostered from June this year) has been diagnosed Encopresis and is currently on movicol 2 adult sachets a day and has been for several years. When she is home with bio mum, she doesn't always get her medication.
    She is also incontinent of urine and has an intellectual disabiilty. She is 8, but has apparently tested IQ of 66, which rates her at about age 3 in speech and behaviour.
    As yet, we haven't done full assessments, but that's my next step.

    I would like advice about natural treatments for encopresis. I would like to trial a more natural laxative. Herbalax comes to mind... I don't like this constipation medication and she's sick of it anyway.
    I feel 80% of the problem is probably stress related; and 20$ is itnellect. She walks around for ages unless checked, all wet/dirty and seems not to care or realise.
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    I know some natural treatments are magnesium or mineral oil but I would research this first to see what dosage etc. to try.

    Also, if your not already I would keep her diet high in fiber. I bought my 8yo cereal high in fiber and fiber bars for snacks. You have to start out slowly though or the extra fiber produces a lot of gas!
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    You know what? I think I have probably got evidence to solve this problem today. She disclosed a SERIOUS intrusion on her privacy. So, I'm considering stopping the heavy doses of movicol and replacing with a natural laxative occasionally (every second day to start with) and since she is not at that house now, (and hopefully never has to go back) she might settle in the happier and much safer environment.

    Here's praying....