Entitled much? The mysterious reasoning of the difficult child...

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    As my mom used to say, "If you don't laugh, you're going to cry". Thought we might share a few entitlement war stories for a little levity.

    Backstory: difficult child left her job (or was fired, we don't know which) over a month ago. She worked part time delivering Pizzas for a big red chain. She pretended to go to work until July 6th, at which time she told me she couldn't take it anymore and had to quit. ,,,with no job on the horizon....with no savings.

    Right before she said she'd quit - but quite a bit after she;d actually quit - she lost her wallet in the parking lot of a fast food place. Her license was in it ..the license she'd JUST gotten renewed.

    A replacement is $25.

    It is now nearly a month since she has not worked. She has barely lifted a finger to get a job, though she does work 9-4 around here for no pay. She goes out with her b/f several days a week and always drives. I've asked how she pays for gas and she says "J helps me". Fine. I know they buy booze and whatnot and take it back to his place. They go out for fast food. I don't give her any money and she has no access to my cash (ha!) or valuables.

    DEX is supposed to take her on vacation in 2.5 weeks. They (his girlfriend and her kids) are taking 2 cars and difficult child was supposed to help drive. DEX (taking a stand for once) told her if she didn't have her new license, she would be staying home (and then they could take one car ..something he did not mention to her).

    She is positively INDIGNANT. She has no MONEY to get a license (but money for gas and beer)!!!! She must get a job before she can replace it! She NEEDS this vacation (please). And, why can't he drive one car and his girlfriend drive the other? (really?)

    Seriously? You expect to be taken on a beach vacation, all expenses paid and you cannot seem to procure $25 for a driver's license that you're going to need anyway? As if a license is a luxury item?

    I am keeping out of this one. I know DEX's agenda, and he will happily NOT pay for that extra car and her meals ..but I also get where he's coming from with her contributing to the driving. Can she really think $25 is too much of an investment for a 10 day trip to her uncle's luxury house in the Outer Banks?


    Now, let's hear yours...
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    Dash does she have a record? If not, tell to apply at Radio Shack. They seem to hire most anyone. You wouldnt believe the idiots that have worked with Billy. Some cannot even make change without looking at the cash register. If she is at all cute then she will not have a problem selling items. Men especially will like to buy from her.
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    She's very cute, extremely bright, and she doesn't have a record. However, I am not suggesting anything at this point. since she left college, anytime anyone made suggesitons about possible jobs, she'd say "that's a great idea!!!!" and do nothing. She is 21, she can read and write, she's been taught well and she=s just going to have to be on her own with this one.
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