Evaluations (by school dist) and IEEs (Independent Ed evaluations)


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Couple of excerpts from http://www.wrightslaw.com/nltr/05/nl.0518.htm :

"1. Message from the Editor: Evaluations & IEEs
Many parents and teachers have questions about tests and evaluations. In this issue, we answer your questions about evaluations and independent educational evaluations (IEEs), test selection, how to get an independent evaluation by an evaluator of your choice, mistakes independent evaluators make, requests for help, and more.

2. My Child is Being Evaluated - What Tests Should I Request? by Pat Howey
"I think my child has a learning disability - what tests should I request?"

"My child has Down Syndrome - what tests should I request?"

You decided to get an independent evaluation of your child. How can you find a good evaluator? What tests should you request? What mistakes and pitfalls should you be aware of? How can you avoid them?

In My Child is Being Evaluated - What Tests Should I Request?, Pat Howey offers advice about evaluations, test selection, state laws governing evaluations of children with special educational needs, and the special responsibilities and duties of advocates. Read article.

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Answers to more frequently asked questions.

3. Independent Educational Evaluations: What? Why? Who Pays? by Wayne Steedman, Esq.
Parents and school personnel are often confused about what constitutes an independent educational evaluation (IEE) and how the evaluation should be used.

In Independent Educational Evaluations: What? How? Why? Who Pays?, attorney Wayne Steedman describes independent educational evaluations, the value of IEEs for parents and school personnel, what the law requires, and who is financially responsible. Read article.

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Learn more about tests and evaluations."

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