Exhausted and alone


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I am to the point where I am exhausted. I have a child with no diagnosed issues, that lies and gives general attitude, however to the point she is ruining lives. I am almost to the give up custody to her father point because I am so emotionally and physically exhausted.


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So sorry you are going thru this. How old is your daughter? Was there something in her past that things changed? How old is she? Are their siblings?

Teen years are so rough...on them and us!

Does she see a therapist?



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I would suggest therapy for her as well as for yourself. She may need to be treated with 'tough love' which can be hard for parents without professional support for themselves.

Does she have issues in school or just at home?

How did she behave as a younger child, is this par for the course or are you seeing new behavior?


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You are in a place where we understand! Dealing with our difficult children is not an easy path. Often we need to change our outlook and look for the behaviors that are a result of issues they are dealing with and mostly outside their control (either because of their issues or their maturity).

Is your daughter undx'd because the docs haven't found anything? Coming here is a step in the right direction because many of us have been at the bottom of our ropes with another 25 feet below us!

I suggest you create a signature to give us a little more information on the family situation and what has been tried with your daughter. Usually we have more questions for new members than answers until we get to know the situation a little better.

Just know we understand and we are here.