Experience with Adderall???



difficult child doesn't take it when there is no school. But I am seriously trying to understand.

difficult child says it DOES help him. He also says, and told psychiatrist, that the Adderall puts him to sleep. It is XR, and he even takes a second dose at lunch.
psychiatrist says it has that affect on some people. I thought Adderall was suppose to do the opposite. difficult child says it helps. HOW? If it puts him to sleep, how can it help? When he puts his head down and does nothing because he is so tired it surely cannot be helping.

He says he is so tired, but when it wears off he feels normal again.

He tried Concerta and Focalin, but both put him in an extremely bad, out of control mood/place. Scary thoughts. Adderall didn't do that.

Any suggestions on an alternative we can maybe look into? He won't take it during the summer but maybe we can experiment and see what works.

I asked him if he would try Vyvanse. His reply (remember his anxiety issues) "No, that drug is too knew and there might be side affects unknown". sigh.

On a good note, he is aware of his anxiety attacks. He is doing well dealing with them. He even takes a xanax with him just incase. (not to school, but to events) he hasn't had to use it.


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He's taking too high of a dose.
We gave my son two doses once, because we thought he lied when he said he'd already taken it.
He was out like a light.
Just cut it in half. Literally.


Here we go again!
If the XR is a tablet, you cannot cut it in half. It's been so long since we tried that one I don't remember exactly how it's formed. If it's the little time release beads inside a capsule, then you could take out half the beads... but it's probably better to just get a new scrip.


Since difficult child only takes this on school days and there are only 4 full days and 2 half days left....I don't want a new script right now.

It is XR capsules with little beads. 15mg's. He is suppose to take a second one at school at his lunch. Today, I emptied out atleast half of it. I think I gave him 1/3. I don't know if I should of given more or what. But falling asleep and not taking it isn't going to help him. He seemed eager to try the new dosage. We'll see how this one goes.