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    My great niece on husband's side just contacted me via fb. I haven't seen this child since she was maybe 6 yrs old. Full blown difficult child full tilt pretty much from the get go. Partly due to terrible parenting on newphew's ex's part, whom also is a full blown difficult child (and the reason he finally gave up on the marriage), part may due to genetics since her mom is also a difficult child.

    We've not seen husband's nephew in ages, years in fact. They don't have much money to travel.

    Now I have this 16 yr old telling me she's desperate to contact her dad, that she knows I'm family, and could I please give her his address and phone number. Sad part is, I couldn't do that if I wanted to because we don't have either. But I am friends with nephews current wife (been married about 13 yrs or so) on fb as well. I'm wondering, as I type this, why she just didn't look up her stepmom for the info?

    She was very polite about it. But I think I'm going to contact nephew's wife and let her know. Because I haven't got a clue what is going on with his child or anything about that relationship. He's a good man and one of the best Dad's I've ever known. His current wife is much like I am, a no nonsense type who would treat pretty much any child like her own. But I do know via mother in law and husband's bro's wife that there were some major issues on occasion with the ex.

    Not sure how to answer the child though. I was a bit shocked to find a mail buy her to begin with. I have a vague memory of Nichole saying something along the lines of the girl tried to friend her.........and Nichole said her name couldn't be caity (Nichole was thinking katie) because that was her sister's name and she knew this girl was NOT her sis. Until I explained that obviously great niece goes by a shortened version of her name. lol (the two girls got into a rather heated difficult child type arguement)

    Ahhh the people fb tend to draw out of the woodwork.
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    Tis interesting isnt it? I wonder what is up.

    I recently found out that Billy has been in contact with several of his people on his biodad's side of the family - such as his aunts, half brothers and his paternal grandparents a few times. Evidently the youngest aunt who is actually only about 11 or 12 years older than Billy has become quite close to him. The oldest aunt has also reached out to him. Im happy about this. I dont know how many of his brothers he is actually in contact with...he has more on that side than he does with

    Oddly enough, the other day, my ex sister in law, friended me on FB. This is his oldest aunt. I dont think his youngest aunt would remember me much because she was only about 11 or 12 when we were married. Again, oddly I was better friends with my ex sister in law than I was my ex husband when I married She is how I met him. I have accepted her request. I am curious to see how this goes.
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    I would honestly tell her that you don't know where her dad is, but you're friends with the new wife (did I get that right?) and leave it at that. If she wants you to do more, she'll let you know.
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    I like Witz' response. I might say that I would ask around the family to see if anyone else has the info, rahter than that I am in contact with his second wife. that might stir up things, esp if her mom sees the response.