FBA and Best Practices


Alisha Leigh

To my knowledge, the FBA has not been completed. Following is an excerpt from the letter I sent them:

"Ms. XXX and I discussed the Functional Behavioral Assessment. She indicated to me that this would be done during “the ARD meeting.” Based on information I have from various sources, this is not possible and perhaps does not comply with best practices – the assessment appears to require more than could be accomplished during an ARD meeting. Also, it is my understanding this assessment should be completed prior to an ARD meeting and the results then discussed at the meeting.

I've heard nothing but dead silence from them since they got the letter. Guess I'm not their favorite person right now. LOL Really didn't mean to step on anybody's toes, but did want them to know we expect them to get off dead center and get the ball rolling. In your opinion, did I overdo?

Alisha -- trying to stay at least 1/2 step ahead of way too smart 7 yr. old
husband - married 6 yrs, supportive husband and participant parent
difficult child - ADHD, male, 7 yrs old (excuse me, 7 3/4 yrs old!)
One 18-20 yr old brat cat with-allergies that require medications -- can control difficult child with-one swish of a paw or one threat of a bite from her three remaining teeth, whichever punishment she feels is appropriate (maybe I should take some lessons from her?).
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.



An FBA CANNOT be done at a meeting. There was a long post done by LIZZ on this but with the board problems, I'm not sure if we still have it.

An FBA requires. many things--and unfortunately "best practice" is NOT described in IDEA97. But everyone agrees that direct observation of the child in multiple environments, interviews and /or rating scales completed by parents and teachers, hypotheses about the "functions' the maladaptive behavior is serving for the child and proactive POSITIVE interventions to attempt (and collect effectiveness data on after implementation.)

See why most school don't want to touch FBA with a pole? But you have a right to get one--especially if emotionality/behavior is an issue.

Keep plugging and keep good records.