Feel like I'm on overload-o.k. it's really a vent!

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I feel like I am on major overload right now and don't know how to slow down. This week has been filled with appts. for the kids. My mom is in the psychiatric hospital (although I am very detached about that-has happened often over the years and she is a couple of hours away), my students are getting 5th gradeitis, this weekend I'm working (just Sat. morning), the kids want to see Shrek 3, a good friend is having a housewarming party (for which I'll want to get a small gift for which means a trip to the store), easy child is getting recognized at an award ceremony for African Americans, the lawn needs to be mowed, and next week difficult child has a psychiatrist appointment and a therapist appointment. I'm not sure but easy child might have an therapist appointment. too. Did I mention that I'm starting to work on report cards right now too? Oh and I'm helping to plan a combination wedding/baby shower (two different people-one shower) with people at work. Oh yeah-I also volunteered to pick up gift certificates for those leaving at the end of the school year. None of this is really all that major-I'm used to being busy -I know we all are busy-but for some reason right now I just want to runaway-far away!

Part of it, I'm sure, is when I start getting this busy I don't get in my workouts which makes me not too happy and I start not eating so well which also isn't a good thing. I must be getting old because there was a time that no matter what I got in my workouts even if it meant going to the club at 3:30 in the morning.

Ok sorry for the poor me vent-the good news is there is only 24 days of school left after tomorrow and a slower pace will hopefully ensue (that is, of course, if I survive til then)! Thanks for listening.


Oh, please, Sharon...don't apologize. I was exhausted after just reading all you have going on! Vent away!

Maybe you should move to Ohio. We only have 12 days of school left. :whew:

Sending up positive thoughts that everything goes as planned and noone/nothing throws a wrench in things. I'd say some definite "me time" is in order as soon as school is out.


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Ok, you need to cut that list down girl. Let's see, you definately can't do a thing about the fifgraditis (don't I know it)!!!!!! The kids might be dissappointed, but Shrek will have to wait until next weekend (the theatre will be less crowded too). Tell one of the other teachers you are close to that you bit off more than you could chew, could he/she get the certificates? Ok, that's only two things off, but it's a start!

Sharon, you try your best to find a little chill time this weekend. Maybe Sunday afternoon you could take a couple hours.


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Repeat after me "NO". See it works - you're not overloaded. Makes all the difference in the world. :wink:

I've been known to let the tweedles tdocs know I'm in overload & would appreciate an appointment further out.

Drop out of the shower - they can get along without you. easy child can mow the lawn; difficult child can pull weeds. Housewarming gift can be a week late.

With a budding adolescent on your hands, add in your difficult child you simply must learn to say "NO" - cannot fit this in my schedule.

You're going to burn out girl. Knock it off. :hypnosis:

And I say this with all the love in my heart - as you know. :flower:

The others have already said what I would have written. You need to take care of yourself and not put everyone else's needs first!!! As Linda said, make sure the word "NO" is in your vocabulary!!!

Please take some much needed "ME" time!!! :bath: :flower: :smile:, etc...

I know I'm also lost if I don't manage to get my workouts in. I've had to learn to make them a necessity, a priority in my life. Otherwise, I'de just be a total wreck!!!

Sending cyber hugs and hoping you get some much needed R & R this weekend... :flower: WFEN

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Thanks guys I appreciate all the ideas and support-I think really I've just been overtired. I just got a really good night's sleep and things don't look so bad right now. I took care of the gift certificates on my planning time yesterday. I finished a few things and all I have to do for the shower is now pick up the cake (which I'll do on planning time) and help decorate.

Believe me although it may not seem like it I usually am great at saying no-I think the fact that I so often do made me feel a bit guilty and like I needed to say yes to some of the things.

Mostly I think it's the appointments after school that can't be helped and the fact that I've been so tired-yesterday I actually started getting in the shower when I realized my pajamas were still on. :rofl: Sometimes I forget I have Addison's disease-I always said I wouldn't let it affect my life and for the most part it doesn't but once in awhile I get really tired and that probably contributes-stress isn't good for people with Addison's but mostly it hasn't bothered me (except for physical stress to my body). I'm way luckier than many with Addison's as I live a totally normal life but many don't

oh and something else good-I don't have 24 days of school left like I was thinking-only 19-but Heather 12 sounds a lot better!