Final Update on FOO for me

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    Things are good for me. It has been easy now not to check up to see if my sister is still posting about me. I no longer have the urge to look. I am much better off as is. I wont go back.

    I have already decided that I will not mention ever again to anyone, even in an abbreviated obit, that I have siblings because I really dont. I WILL honor my father eternally. I loved him. very much. He is still with me. He never let anyone deter his love for me. Bless him. And my angel Grandma Mom. She loved me best. I needed that from her. She is the love of my life. I cherish her.

    My newish friends think I am an only child. I really am. I was also a half orphan but I dont say that. Dont ever talk to strangers about my mother.

    I have been doing so well that my lifelong medications may be replaced by CBD. I am no longer in any way depressed and I can manage my anxiety.

    I am eternally grateful to God for my best friend and husband and all of my loving children. And grands. God blessed me richly. I love my amazing friends too. Happy to be able to have a boat and RV for travel and living in fresh air. But its the people that I cherish, not the "things."

    So this is how my story regarding FOO ends.

    I have good self esteem and truly like myself. And I look forward to this life going forward and my next lives.

    I wish you all find peace.

    Namaste :)
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    Thanks to all who helped me finally decide how to think about and handle my family of origin. I cant even begin to adequately express my appreciation.

    Better late than never ;)