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    Well, I posted a couple weeks ago about my 5 year old and trying to get her in to see a psychiatrist to have a full-blown comprehensive psychiatric evaluation at the recommendation of her counselor. The adventures of locating a Child psychiatrist around here are A MESS, but we did find one, and when I talked to his office, they mentioned that AFTER they receive a referral, the intake and case review process will take 4 WEEKS before they can even decide if they will see her, and if they do, AFTER that 4 weeks, they will make an appointment, and their appointments are usually another 3-4 weeks we were thinking it would be at least 2 months before we would be able to do ANYTHING, and I took her on Saturday to see her regular doctor to get the referral they requested, and you will never believe what happened!!!!! Her Pediatrician Called the psychiatrist's office Monday Morning, spoke directly to the psychiatrist instead of going through his case manager, and called me BEFORE NOON on Monday with an APPOINTMENT ALREADY!!!!! Not only that, but the appointment is scheduled for OCTOBER 1ST!!!!!
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    Oh my gosh, I know what you mean. I too am having such a difficult time finding someone to evaluate my son. This is a pain in the rear. I wish I were as lucky as you are. Maybe I should call his pediatrician to get some help with that, huh?
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    They can probably offer some assistance, mine was VERY helpful in the process. I am not to be nosy, but I have talked to several psychiatristS in Indiana recently, where are you close to in Indiana?? Anywhere near Terre Haute or Indianapolis??? (you can answer this in PM if you would prefer not to disclose in the forum)