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    I finally got both a mammogram and a bone density scan done today!!! I have been very leery of the mammogram because my mom and aunt both told me some horrific stories of how they smash you and you end up with bruises, etc.... Maybe they used to, but today they sure didn't. Our hospital has kept its' promise to keep the top imaging equipment available in use and to make sure the people are given the best possible training. Long story behind that, but it was an agreement to keep friends from suing them after the hospital read an ultrasound so badly that they missed HUGE problems that lead to the death of the child of close friends of ours at the age of 8 hrs old. So the pictures looked super clear, and the most uncomfortable thing was having to keep my head turned to keep the chin out of the way!

    The bone density wasn't as bad as last time either. Last time it was done at my rheumatologist's office and the machine was weird. It felt like being in a cross between a tanning bed with no lights and a George Foreman grill. This time it was done at a place that specializes in these and it was way different. More like an xray but with a smaller maching handing over you. NO claustrophobia or worry that the thing would smush me. I don't get claustrophobic much, that that old scanner was not fun - and it took about 30 min. THis was maybe 15, max.

    So I am proud of me today. I got it done, and I needed it. It wasn't NEARLY even 1/10th of what I was expecting.

    So for those who put off mammograms because you heard stories about how it smashes you, how it hurt and bruised you, things have changed since then. The machine they used on me actually can even turn totally upside down if needed! The tech told me how they do that sometimes when people can't stand up straight or have other problems. The pics are incredibly detailed and different from older scans I have seen. So go for it!!!!!!

    This is one thing that we should ALL do. Cause who will advocate for our difficult children and see though their koi and push them to be the people we know they can be if we end up sick or even worse??

    I also have an appointment for Jess with the family care doctor and I am going in loaded for bear and ready to remove tushie not just kick it ifhe doesn't start helping her or sending her to someone who can help. I have HAD IT with having a daughter who cannot function because her body hurts so much and it contorts and just drops her on the ground with no warning. Done. Done. Done. They don't want me calling every 3-4 hours when she is in pain all night. Cause I CAN and I WILL if they don't stop being such tushie-heads about this. Momma has had ENOUGH.
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    Atta girl! :bravo:

    I dutifully go for my mammo and pap each year, and have already had the bone density check (the women on my mom's side all had osteoporosis, though I'm not really built like any of them). All good!
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    I'm proud of you Susie!!! It's one of those things (like a pelvic exam) many of us put off.

    Actually, I had one mammogram once, and it didn't hurt at all. But it did smoosh. So it's good to know THAT has changed!
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    You have every right to feel proud. It's so easy to put off and delay medical procedures..especially when you hear horror stories! What a relief it is to hear good news and I'm delighted your news was great. DDD
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    I have yet to do either of those so good for you. I figure I have enough on my plate I am ignoring the boobs, bone scans and since I had the hysterectomy, I am ignoring the gynecologist too. I have too many doctor's in my life as it is.
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    The hysterectomy is why you need the bone scans. I did start early with those because the vitamin D issues. Latest bloodwork the doctor said my calcium was great and I had nothing to worry about. But he totally forgot to tell them to do the vit d test, so I called him on it. Now I have to get that done in a week or two because I am sure that my body hasn't magically healed whatever its' deal is and decided that it likes Vit D. Esp as I still puke up vitamins with D in them unless I take phenergan all day. I know the doctor s going to have a hissy when those results come in and he realizes that all that calcium in my blood is NOT going into the bones but is coming out of them. He thought he had somehow "fixed" that problem - which I guess is easy if you don't do the right tests.

    Janet, at least please get the bone scan done. It is NOT claustrophobic like an mri. It was an open table with a bar that went over you and took the pictures. That bar was at MOST 12 inches wide and it didn't hold you in at ALL. I would NOT tell you this if it was like the old one that I had done years ago. That model isn't used anymore because it used too much radiation and has been pulled. The tech knew exactly what I was talking about when I told her it was like a tanning bed/george foreman grill thing and she said that her patients who were claustrophobic have NO problems with this one. It truly is like laying on an exam table except for part of it you have your legs lifted at the knees so it is like laying on the floor with your feet up on the couch. The other part you lay on your side with a board at your back to line you up and keep you from falling off. It is WAY easier than an MRI or cat scan or even an xray.

    I don't have to have pap smears and you may not either. Depends if you had your hysterectomy in that short period where some idiot thought that taking out the ovaries and uterus was okay but the cervix should be left. Then insurance cos would refuse to pay to have the cervix removed because it should have come out the first time. It is just gone with most hysterectomies, even ones that leave ovaries. The gyn told me that for about 5-7 yrs they were told to not take the cervix but then found that women who needed to have the rest removed seemed to develop problems with the cervix and needed it out in just a few years even if they had no problems ever with it. I hope that you can get the bone density thing done. Having your bones demineralize is very painful even with-o the loss of height and other issues from brittle bones. Call around and ask if the machine is open or if they get patients with claustrophobia who have problems with it. DIfferent places have different machines, but most are very open now.
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    This is a call that should be made by a woman's doctor. Just because a woman has had her cervix removed DOES NOT mean she no longer needs a pap test.
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    OF course each of us should talk to our own doctors. I am sorry if my statement was misleading or gave the idea that anything I say EVER should be substituted for your doctor's care.

    This IS what several doctors have specifically told me though. It may be due to all that was taken out, or other factors. I was just told that the risk is so very low that it is more important to do things like mammograms and bone density. I have heard this about paps from two family practice docs - both deliver babies and do routine women's care, the ob/gyn who did my hysterctomy, and another OB/GYN in my area. This was a couple of years ago, and the docs were saying even back then that they were having a very tough time getting insurance to pay for pap smears in women who have had complete hysterectomies (meaning both ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes, cervix).

    I am very sorry if I upset someone. I did not mean to at ALL. Often we pass on info from our own doctors, articles we read, etc... and a reminder to make sure that readers know that what we post is NOT a trained medical opinion based on their history is important.