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This past Saturday 12 days after our IEP meeting I finally received a copy of IEP and testing. The testing was just touched on briefly in our meeting, but not gone through with paper documentation. I can't even read half the words on the documents. Certainly do not know what they mean.
IEP..we only talked about having the computer to use for writing. Nothing else was discussed. I asked afterwards about the AlphaSmart and about Occupational Therapist (OT). Was told on both issues they would check it out. Not mentioned on the IEP at all. Matter of fact, I went through and highlighted IEP. Have marked all pages except one. They have his name wrong. They have my name wrong. They have his bithdate right, and age correct on some parts, then later states that difficult child will turn 14 during the term of this IEP.(annual). I corrected that stating he will not turn 13 until mid year next year!! They state on the report(maybe psychology report??) That difficult child was advanced from 1st grade to 2nd grade due to his high academic acheivement. That is incorrect. He went to first grade, He also went to second for about 6 weeks. then he was transfered to 3rd grade. So..where do they get their information??
Several places on the report/testing it states he is "high risk" and also "clinically significant range" as well as "maladjusted". I do not know what any of that means.
I sent a letter (email, return receipt) to spec. ed teacher, Social worker, school psychologist and District Special Education Director. I stated the incorrect information. I stated I needed to be informed of the test results where I will understand it. Stated examples. I work the next 11 days/nights straight.(12 hours). four 12 hour days wear me out, don't know how I am going to make 11. How am I going to squeeze in time to go to a school meeting?? Now just waiting to hear from them.


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Hi there,
I see that you SD wasnt to keen in helping you understand your IEP. First off if they messed up his information so bad then how do you even know if that is in fact his IEP! But in any case, when thy refer to the term malajusted they mean that socially he doesnt meet up to other kids levels. He doesnt repsond appropriatly to verbal ques maybe. Example is that if someone tells him to stop touching them he may find it funny and continue till the kid is angry and annoyed at your child. *High Risk - The status level for a developing skill in the DIBELS assessment (just a type of test they give the kids in school )that indicates student is at high risk of not meeting future goals or benchmarks. Meaning that the goals of the IEP may not be met by the child.
clinically significant range, that can mean many things but depends on how it is used. Is it used to describe his behavior or testing scores? There is a wealth of information on this site about IEPs and such. Good luck.


Sorry, but with so many errors, I wouldn't be able to trust the "results." You may want consider requesting an IEE.