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    I finally found a psychiatrist for difficult child that LISTENS to us and asks our opinions! I am so happy I could dance a jig (you REALLY don't want to see that! EWWW). She even recommended a new Occupational Therapist (OT) (previous posted about our last one) that she has been very impressed with. She sent the referral to them yesterday and they called this morning to schedule our first appointment for in 2 weeks. Also, difficult child has decided he wants to change schools so we toured it yesterday and signed the papers. After everything the principal put him through last year, he needs a fresh start and he is actually excited to go back to school (a first in 3 years). Couldn't get into a neuropsychologist until November but, hey, better than not at all!

    It is so nice that things with difficult child are looking up (I'm not holding my breath though since these are BIG changes for him). YYYYYIIIIIPPPPPEEEEEE!!
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    Great news!!! I love difficult child's psychiatrist (couldn't stand his first one)and it makes a huge difference!
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    That's awesome news!
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