First it was gophers (which haven't left yet, by the way)...

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  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    and NOW we have FIREANTS in the backyard!!!! :surprise::mad:

    Part of our property tax funds the county vector control service for treating pests like these (and rats, and mosquitos, and...)

    So the truck came out today and found not one, but TWO mounds in the yard (I hadn't seen THAT one). They treated our yard and the neighbors on either side of us. Then they'll come back out in 3 to 4 months to check on the sitch and treat again if necessary.

    These pesky critters are really starting to cause problems here in our state. They never used to be a problem. :sick:
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    Fireants are becoming quite a problem in many areas. If they get on you in large quantities it can be a very dangerous thing. Keep a close eye on the nests and if you see ANY signs call the control people back ASAP. I was watching a thing on National Geographic that said they are becoming very resistant to the chemicals used to kill them.

    When I was a kid my parents used to pour boiling salt water (as salty as they could get it) onto the mounds of all sorts of ants. It did an awesome job of controlling them. I have also heard that neem oil is useful against all sorts of pests. It is an organic oil that is not harmful to plants or people. I use it to control lice and fleas when we get attacked by them. One teaspoon mixed with a quart of water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid works better on fleas and ants than anything commercial we have tried (and we have tried quite a few things!). I get the neem oil on ebay, 8 oz was about $6 and it goes a LONG way. It smells vile, but when it is diluted it works with no real scent. For lice I mix a few drops into a palm full of conditioner, apply it all over the hair, let it sit for ten minutes then comb everything out with a lice comb. Not only does it kill adults, the eggs do not hatch and they come off of the hair very easily. No hair pulls because the lice are glued to the hair.

    I have done this twice now and even though I treat again in 2 weeks I have yet to find any lice or eggs the second comb out!!! I have no problems with the neem oil that I have with the commercial pesticides and neither do my kids.

    I hope the fireants don't come back. Make sure the mound is destroyed so new ones don't move in.
  3. Star*

    Star* call 911

    OH Mah Garshk.....Yeah you ain't lived in the South huh? Well lemme educate you on Fahr Ants. Nasty, nasty, nasty. Hates everyone, everything, and they do NOT abide by the same "talk" that every other insect does. "You stay there. I stay here. I don't kill any of your kin, you leave my family alone. We have the actual fire ants, and they move across the lawn like it's on fire. We finally gave up trying to kill (no such thing) and with 2 acres? yeah - Well...we "control" where they go. That is the best you can do. We have found there are PROMISES in a bag. $30-$50 a season is the best you can hope for. The blue foil bag (can't think of the name) is the best so far. But you had better follow it to the T on the directions and pray for NO rain after you spread it out.

    IF you do get bitten? ( Nasty little buggers thoroughly love to be up to your knees in hordes before biting in masses) Rinse right away with clean water - then apply a paste of ANY meat tenderizer ADOLPHS works best. Some reason it takes the sting right out of the poison sting. DO NOT pop the zit that you get from the bite. If you do? Apply hydrogen peroxide and neosporin, then cover with a bandaid. We have people die here they get bitten so badly.

    ALSO - when I find mounds in the yard AFTER we do a treatment (months later?) I will put out INSTANT GRITS. Yup - I also put a FLAG up (like a lawn marking flag for digging) to let everyone know it's a HOT zone. Don't MOW over them either. They can feel you standing three feet away from their mounds and will invade you up to your knees THEN's awful. Stripping off all your clothes and running for a hose is NOT an uncommon thing here to see. Really. (no kidding)

    Oh the grits? They take the grits down to the Queen - she gets thirsty, they take her water, she drinks; blows up. No more mound - They elect a new queen - she picks a new spot - and they move. Also Dawn dishwashing detergent suds seem to deter them somewhat. They don't like Dawn so well. (maybe ----snort they're Vamires.......get it? They don't like Dawn?) oh owww.
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    We use grits too. Also... I swear to god we fight fire with fire. We pour gas on them and light the darn things. We also have about two and a half cleared acres and they spread like crazy. I remember one time one of the boys got into a mound and had to strip buck naked in the yard while we sprayed him down. He was little too. Kids down here learn early to avoid mounds.
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    I know that fire ants aren't a laughing matter..... but when I saw the add for Terminex following your post.... I busted up laughing. Talk about good product placement! Most of the time, I don't even notice what the add is for, but this time, it caught my eye and I needed a good laugh.

    My only experience with Fire Ants was in S.C. as a toddler, when they invaded my sandbox. Explains why I don't like ANY ants!
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    And double argh: I was watching a thing on National Geographic that said they are becoming very resistant to the chemicals used to kill them.

    I'm all for home remedies to kill them ... boiling water with-salt, hair products, oils, etc.
    Is there a species of bird that eats them? I'd be importing birds like mad.

    I second the motion for meat tenderizer. It works on jellyfish stings where we live.
  7. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Funny story.........and true.

    When Dude was a baby - about 18 months old. I had left him for just a second to play in the fenced in front yard and he got into fire ants. I. WAS. LIVID. Oh that doesn't even begin to cover my anger, ire. I rushed out, grabbed him, hosed him off, while tossing off his clothes and also being bitten in the process...then into the kitchen and rubbed him down like a London Broil with Adolphs, gave him Benadryl, and a popsicle.

    He fell asleep shortly after and I went out armed to the hilt to avenge my son. My ONLY near infant son. I grabbed the kerosene. I got a box of strike on matches...I found the mound of evil doers, and I poured and I poured and I poured (5 gallons of kerosene) on this mound and much to the surprise of my Amish neighbor man in his late 70's? I struck the match yelling "DIE YOU EVIL B'turts." and ............((((((((((((WHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOSH)))))))))) Up went my yard, and flames went up, and up and up...and over and he's got his hose and I got mine and the neighbor on the other side has his.....and 911 was called (I mean what idiot nibby nose had to call THEM? UGH we had it under control, it wasn't like the plains of the Sudan were on fire or anything - it was MY yard for Pete's sake) and well long story short? I got a lecture, a warning...a date offer (yeah he was a gooood looking fireman) and a new lawn in three-five weeks.

    The park was a great place for Dude until we had lawn back. No I didn't take the fireman up on his offer, although in hindsight - should have. Now THAT would have been a FIRE worth trying to put out. (ahem)