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See her as I do.
She is stronger than you think and more fragile than she will ever admit all at once like the conditions for a perfect storm.
She is flawed but aren’t we all?
See her elegant fingers when she drinks a glass of water with her pinky finger in the air.
See her strength as you stand against her and she fights to overcome. See her burn with emotions and kindle everyone around her with her light.
See her smile light a room, and her eyes listen as you speak.
See her spirit free and whirling towards the sky finally set free.
See the woman she has become. See her, really see how hard she fought to be here.
See the broken ribs she endured for years to feel the love she thought she wouldn’t find.
See the beautiful boy she raised when she walked away from what she thought would be her last love.
Look at her and remember how much she changed and don’t we all?
Look at her and look in you and see if you too aren’t a little bit jaded as well.
Is she really less of a person or more than you could ever hope to be?
She spent years spiraling out of control and now she has her feet planted firmly in the ground as she begins to take her life back.
See her flaws see them all...i know you already do…but as daddy told me once about you, “she hasn’t always been like this”. See her flaws and think about all she lost all she gave up and all she suffered and tell me how selfish she is…
Reciprocate her love and her smiles with words that are gentle.
Give her hundreds of chances to fail and be there when she needs to be picked up.