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    My overall cholesterol is now down to 156. My HDL is almost on target, but my LDL is still way high. I can't swallow Omega3 pills - too big - and the chewables are N.A.S.T.Y. :sick:

    My doctor recommended flaxseed, but my mom had a lot of intestinal problems with it and can't take it. I already have IBS, so I'm cautious about that.

    Anyone else use flaxseed? Any problems? Can you get it in pill form? I know if I get the stuff you sprinkle on yogurt or something, my sensory issues will keep me from eating it. IOW, I'll gag on it.
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    I mix flaxseed in with my cooked cereal. I mix in various types of grains with oatmeal. Sometimes I'll cook up 1/4 or 1/2 cup of black rice, then mix in something else like barley, rice, millet, quinoa, then the oatmeal, farina, Scottish oats. I put like maybe two to four heaping tablespoons in the pot (about two quart pot). I really can't even tell the flaxseed is mixed in with my cooked cereal.

    Flaxseed really is quite healthy! Even if you think it's gross, it's your health, so it's worth it! I don't like tomatoes, but I eat them anyway, because they are another healthy item to eat!
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    I haven't used it a lot but I have used in a great meatball sub recipe I have. You can't even taste it! Also, I don't know if you can get Manitowoc Ovens breads by you but many have the flax seed already added.
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    Flaxseed oil is available in gel capsules. They do tend to be huge, though. I have a combination of Sensory Integration Disorder (SID) and IBS and have found that eating fiber actually helps with keeping things balanced.

    If you grind the flaxseed in a coffee grinder, you can add it to hot cereals and yoghurt without it really impacting the texture. Taste is another story. Linseed oil, which is used in things like saddle soap, comes from flaxseed. To me it has a distinctive odor and flavor. I'd highly recommend one of the whole grain breads that contain flaxseed already mixed in. They are the best way to get the stuff down and the flavor isn't noticeable in the breads.
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    I agree that a good way to get the flaxseed is through bread - and there are tons of options out there now - and cereal. Trader Joes actually has a great cereal with flaxseed called "Uncle Sams"! It's very good. Sprinkling flaxseed on your yogurt would be really, really obvious.