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    Recommended by a friend and very much less expensive than purchasing from the vet or through that pet medication place advertised on T.V.

    If anyone remembers, we have been using Frontline Plus with some pretty dismal results. What we did was cut the dog's hair almost to baldness and pick up a small container of cat flea powder at WalMart.

    And this seems to have helped.

    I have been sprinkling the flea powder on both the cat and the dog ~not much at all, just around his tail ~ and on the sofa where they spend most of their time. (When they are not busy sleeping in my bed, that is!)


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    Thanks for this Barbara. I'll have to check it out.

    We had no fleas just a week or so ago and then all of a sudden they just popped up everywhere. Last Saturday the vets office was packed full of people all buying Frontline. I paid $48 dollars for three doses of Frontline Plus for my girls and put it on them Satuday. And now, five days later, they still have a few fleas! It always worked on them before. I can't afford to get anything else until next month and even if I could, I probably shouldn't put something else on them so soon. My smallest Boston, Ragan, is allergic to fleas and even one on her will make her scratch herself raw! I have a bottle of the Frontline spray that I may spritz her with a little. I've heard that somehow fleas are becoming resistant to the Frontline so we'll have to try something else next month.
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    I just compared your site to
    www.upco.com and www.drfosters.com where I was going to order a 6 month supply from and after seeing YOUR JOES PETS????

    It is the best deal! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I'm also passing Joes site on to my board of frugal fiends. Upco was the best - now I get to be the Frontline queen - lol

    I thank you and my BOYS thank you
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    I've treated my dog twice for fleas in 2 weeks with frontline (at vet's ok). Yet she's still digging. We think she has a flea allergy, but I still spot an occasional flea. I know I'm going to have to treat my yard because of all the wildlife carrying fleas, but we've never had this issue like this before. We moved in this house in December - and it sat empty for a couple of months - and instantly started with the flea problem.

    It's frustrating. But just like anything else, they (the fleas) do build resistance to it.

    ETA: Thanks for the site, Barbara. With five animals it's financially killing me to have to treat them all.
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    That's good to know ~about the Frontline Plus not working as well as it used to, I mean. We couldn't figure out whether we were applying it wrong or what the heck was going on. I think our little guy is picking them up outside, too. It makes sense that the fresh fleas would need some time to be effected by the medication. Those ready to lay eggs before hitching rides on our animals would have viable offspring. (One of the ingredients in Frontline Plus prevents sexual maturity in the fleas ~ but those picked up outside would be fertile. So that could explain why we are all experiencing hatchings in the house. I think the flea breeding cycle is something like two weeks.) It was cat flea powder we found at WalMart. Sprinkling that under the sofa and chair cushions and under the pillow on the dog's bed seems to have cut down on the flea population in the house. Using just a tiny bit around his tail (the cat would not sit still for more than a tiny bit, the little stinker) along with sprinkling the powder beneath the cushions on the places either animal sits seems to have helped, alot.

    Be very careful with that flea powder, though. Highly toxic, and not good to overload the animals with it, especially when they have been treated with another product already.

    Another thing we learned is that the cat box is the perfect harbor for fleas carried in from outside.

    Think about it.

    The dog is walked outside. He carries fleas in. A fertile one gets on the cat and lays her eggs in the litter. Once they hatch, they can feast on the cat every time she enters the litter box.

    And new, untreated fleas are being carried in by the dog every time we walk him.

    So the key must be to kill the untreated fleas before they can get into the house to breed.

    We had them so badly here (Florida) that the dog had scratched most of the long, beautiful hair right off his hindquarters ~ and even the cat has two bare patches on her haunches,

    Little clumps of cat hair everywhere, and a balding cat.



    P.S. We discovered the perfect way to bring about the untimely demise of the fleas we DO catch on the dog. (The cat will not sit still long enough for us to find hers, let alone pick them off.)

    A pint jelly jar with water in it.

    If you can catch the flea, keep your fingers tightly clasped and stick them in the water. The water prevents the flea from escaping and he drowns.

    We used the jelly jar so no one would mistake a glass of water with dead fleas in it for something they were drinking.


    Works for us.
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    Thanks for this!!! Wow, much better prices.