Sometimes it all seems to be going wrong until

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    Suddenly it gets better.

    This weekend was awful. I ended up in the ER again Sun am with the digestive koi. the doctor told me to take more of my pain medications for a few days, just an extra dose of each one, and he would fax the instructions to my doctor. I didn't until Monday after they had not responded to tell me not to. Actually the pain doctor thought it was a good idea, she was just surprised an ER doctor would think of it.

    It means I ran out of medications 2 doses early. Refills due today. The twenty four hour pharmacy? Changed it hours as of Feb 1. Nearest 24hr pharm is almost an hour away. I left at about twelve thirty. husband has to be gone all day, until after the pharmacy closes. I had a migraine hit. I get about four to six hours of relief with imitrex, and then it is back. I cannot take 2 imitrex in a day because it causes other problems. Basically, I could either go with-o medications for over 24hrs more, or I could drive to the 24 hr pharm before the migraine came back. I did go home and leave a note as to what I was doing and why, so husband wouldn't worry if he got up in the night. J wanted to come, but was dizzy and I wouldn't let her.

    I got the medications and some cool things to go over shoes to give traction when walking on snow or ice. Not expensive, but cool looking. husband does a LOT of walking, and we get way more ice than snow. Being a guy, his enjjoyment of these will be huge, so that was Vday for him.

    I just hit town when my stomach lurched. Closest place was Walmart. They were putting MASSIVE sale racks of clothes out. All the hanes her way and just my size sweatshirts and pants for $3 to $5. An entire main aisle the depth of the store was three rows deep in discount clothing. In the mend's depts, tons of racks of clearance also.

    For twenty seven dollars I got seventeen tshirts with funny sayings, three Danskin sport tanks iwth built in bras for J, and a funny Dr. Seuss shirt for my dad. At five bucks, his was the 'big splurge', lol! I also got four sets of measuring cups, an led flashlight that is really cute, a set of 2 emery boards, and package sealing tape that says "Caution" on it. I passed on the entire cart of dvds for fifty cents each because mostly they were horror movies.

    I spent two hours there, half of that in the bathroom, but at least I got some Vday stuff, which I hadn't been able to get out to do at all.

    If any of you have a need for clothing, it would be a good time to check WM in the next couple of weeks. I was amazed at the deals they had.

    Oh, if you are interested in those big electric roasters that they sell around the holidays, go NOW and check the prices. They were down to fifteen bucks! Ours had a pallet full, but it is the new one in town, open a couple of eyars, that doesn't have the traffic the smaller one does.

    They also had a TON of eye creams and wrinkle creams and fancy pet stuff on sale. Mostly products to brush and wash dogs with. I cannot figure why a dog would be washed with 'cherry berry' shampoo, but then again, I don't have a dog. We sure as sugar don't wash the cat, lol! That would be a scary thing, esp as he is almost twenty pounds and not overweight according to the vet.

    Tummy isn't much better, but since I haven't eaten much, I was able to do the drive. Migraine returnng, signing off for a few hours.

    I am just so thankful to find a happy light in this week, and that stop at WM was it. Well, the pharmacist at the 24 hr pharm was also awesome and sweet, fastest filled rx I have EVER had. Under 3 min and pill count was not off. I hate to not have at least a small something for a holiday, and am so glad that I could get something for my family.
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    I'm glad that you had some fun. The weekend is behind you and hopefully nothing like that will happen again. I'm glad you had a good experience at the pharmacy, even though it stinks you had to go all that way when you were so sick.

    My life just got worse today. I had a car accident in my driveway this morning, started crying and had to use a personal day because I was too shaken up to work. My deductible is $500 and I am so upset!!! My parents were in an accident yesterday both are in the hospital, my mother had an operation and needs another one Friday to fix her leg. My dad is very ill on top of this, he can't take care of himself alone on a good day, my mom needs to do everything...he falls, she picks him up, etc, etc,....I don't want to say what else can go wrong. I better not speak to any of my kids today lol.

    Just crazy worrying here.
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    Susiestar, I'm so sorry about your migraines! Imitrex makes me nauseated, by the way, but it goes away in about 20 min. I'm sure that is not helping your digestive issues but you have no choice.
    Glad you stumbled onto the WM sale! That's really cool. Good job!
    Please feel better. I've been icing the back of my neck for two days and have taken Imitrex and fioricet. Don't know if I'm on the computer too much, or if it's the bone spurs in my neck, but it really takes it out of me. I feel your pain.

    Upallnight, oh no! I'm sorry. I hate it when that happens. When you bring in your car for repairs, see if they have a valet svc to take you home. Or to the hospital. This is where you get other people and situations to work for you. You have to ask and people like us aren't used to depending upon others for anything.

    I hope your parents feel better. And this is a good time to get a soc wkr on board, since they're in the hospital and can assess both of your parents. Again, this is the time to get others to help you!
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    UAN, I am SO SORRY! Both for your accident and your parents. Please be open with the hospital social worker and get some help in any way possible. I hope YOU are not hurt, and that your parents get better soon.

    Terry, I am sorry you have migraines also. This one is awful. Esp as nothing else so far works, we have tried all preventatives except depakote and MAOI's and I won't ever do those. Not with those side effects, sorry. I am grateful for my few hours of reprieve with the imitrex, and am praying that it does not stop working all together or create any worsening of the side effects I already get.

    I was glad to find the sale, it was fun and I needed a pick me up. Badly. I stll feel yucky, but not as perturbed about having NOTHING for V-day.
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    Sending supportive hugs to you both. Sorry......that's the best I can do. DDD