I went and done it.


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I am happy. Awfully stressed and exhausted, but basically happy.

Mum gave me my b-day gift early: gift cards and coupons to Bed, Bath, and Beyond (I could and likely will spend a fortune there) today, and we went to the one local to her.

I wound up spending my gift "money" on two very expensive pillows that I might actually be able to sleep on without wrecking my neck.

Found a comforter set I like, but will have to order it online as the store only carries comforter sets in Queen and King size. Full and Twin have to be ordered.

I will get most of my other needed household goods there as well. Huge selection, fair prices, and there is one not far from me in the next suburb over.

I figure it's going to cost me about 400 dollars to re-outfit the place in "stuff" like towels, shower curtains, waste baskets, dish drainers, drawer dividers, and who all knows what else, since I am taking mum along.

Did find a "hang over the door" mirror which will, once I buy it, go over the dressing room door.

Meanwhile, since I have the two ($$$) pillows I got in the car, and the pillows I am sleeping on are killing my neck to the point that I am waking up with tension headaches every AM, I am going to bring them in tomorrow and break them in here at B&J's place.

I saved the receipt, so if they don't work out, they can go right back to the nearest BB&B for an exchange.

I want to point out that I never thought I'd spend 50 bucks a pop on pillows, and those were no where near the most expensive pillows in the place.

I also want to point out that the comforter mum liked the best cost 300 dollars...the woman is deadly when shes' spending someone else's money, LOL!

After a bit of a reality check (Hey, I liked that comforter, too!), we got down to serious business.

Meanwhile, I got out of cooking tonight because I was out of town during the dinner hour, but my turn was only postponed until tomorrow. I have to dig through the freezers and see what-all is in there (a process akin to taking one's life in one's hands) and see if I can build a meal around what we have, or if I have to go out and pick up ingredients.

My suspicion, given the way those two eat, is that there's plenty of meat, but that I'll have to go out for veggies and stuff to make a side dish that isn't potatoes.

If we have pork chops and fish, (J doesn't eat pork. B hates fish. I like both) I may cater to tastes and have one or the other for myself. I just have to figure out a veggie OTHER than corn or peas that B will eat willingly.

She will eat other veggies in a stirfry, so maybe I can come up with some sort of sauté sort of thing as a side dish. J and I eat most veggies.

I went into B's doctor's appointment with her yesterday (how I met her doctor) and couldn't hide my shock when heard her A1C results (9.2 and that's an improvement) and her doctor got on her case, so maybe she'll be receptive to eating more veggies and stuff and less starchy foods.

B weighs what I do, and is 5" shorter than I am, and I'm obese. She's lost weight and has made some effort to lose weight successfully, but not enough, and that sort of a glucose level is gonna kill her sooner rather than later, and since I love her, that really worries me.

So, I figure if I can make tasty veggies that she'll eat that are easy and quick to cook, the more the better.

Hmmm...just had a thought.If I can scare up a big enough, oven safe skillet, I think I'll hit whole foods tomorrow to take the easy way out on getting pre-cut veggies, and make a frittata for dinner.

H and J like eggs, omelettes, and quiche, so a frittata should go over pretty well and only dirty two pans: one for sautéing off the veggies and one for cooking the actual entrée in.

Damn! I'm good.


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I also want to point out that the comforter mum liked the best cost 300 dollars...the woman is deadly when shes' spending someone else's money, LOL!

I think your mom and I would get along just fine! I always gravitate toward the most expensive thing in the store. lol

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GN, just getting caught up on all this. Quite the adventure you have been having. I'm sure your kitty's will be so happy when you are in the new place and all settled in.
I too am like your mom, I can always find the most expensive item in a store.
I sure hope all your stuff gets delivered without incident.
I have so enjoyed reading your posts.
Looking forward to hearing how things go once you are moved in.



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Well, today was the final walkthrough and things very nearly blew up in my face.

B and J also got to see me in full assertive mode, which shocked the snot out of both of them, as well as rattling the leasing mgr and property mgr's cages pretty thoroughly.

Walked into what was supposed to be my apartment and it STANK of mold and mildew.

Deal breaker right there.

Held my breath as much as I could and we went through the rest of the apartment, discovering that while it had been painted, it had not been cleaned, and was astoundingly filthy...to the point that I was concerned about infestations of various kinds.

Doors on closets were jamming. Basically unimhabitable.

I told the leasing mgr that I wasn't signing anything, wasn't dropping a cent on the place, and would not do so until the place was move-in ready.

Got back to the office to go over our findings. Leasing mgr is appalled and trying to convince me that they'll have all this fixed by the 15th. I inform him that I will not move into a place that has EVER had that type of mold problem.

He goes to talk to the property manager, who comes out, comes on strong, and informs me that if I don't plunk down the rent and various deposits and sign the lease, they can't hold the apt for me.

I inform her that that's fine and that I don't anticipate difficulty finding an apartment in another complex with my background, income, and credit history.

At this point, the leasing mgr, says, what about ####? Property mgr says, "We have an app on that one."

Leasing mgr says, "It hasn't been approved. We can just swap apts."

I pipe up and say, "May I take a look at Apt, ####?

Off we go, Turns out that APt #### is a corner unit tucked away in a wooded area all the way at the other end of the complex. It is spotlessly clean, only needs a coat of paint, a new screen in the patio doors, and a new faucet in the bathroom sink as the old one has a drip.

Other than that, nice apartment and there will be no difficulty with that one being move in ready on the 15th.

We wrote up the repair requirements sheet, attached that as contingency to the lease, and I now officially have a very nice, very clean apartment that will officially be mine as of noon on the 15th of July.

Luckily, the senior property mgr is responsible for all the real estate company's properties in WI, and I hopefully won't have to deal with her again.

J was very impressed at how well I handled myself with her.

MY problem was that when she went "bad cop" on me and tried to pressure me into signing the least on the original apartment, I found myself thinking, "sister, this ain't my first rodeo!" and having a helluva time keeping a straight face.

It was pretty funny as due to the background check, she probably figures I'm a poor "widder woman" desperate to find a place to live with my two cats, and clueless to boot.

on the other hand, I am also an extremely desireable tenant. I've lived at 2 addresses in the past 22 years, have had long term jobs, have a clean criminal record, and excellent credit.

They have to figure that if they can get me into a nice apartment and keep me happy, they've got a steady source of income for many years.

Meanwhile, I found myself absolutely exhausted by all of this. One of the rough things about being High-Functioning Autism (HFA) and non-confrontational by nature is having to THINK about all of this stuff instead of being able to just do it without thought because it's an innate part of your personality.

On a lighter note, for the foodies. Dinner tonight was a classical Beef Stroganoff, ie: heart attack on a plate..sautéed in butter and sauced with sour cream.

Tomorrow, J&I are having poached trout in a white wine reduction (I am teaching Janni how to make it) and B, who doesn't eat fish with fins) is gonna kibbitz and cook herself a pork chop.

Due to the unexpected apartment swap, I have to call a whole pile of people tomorrow and change my future address with them.


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I inform her that that's fine and that I don't anticipate difficulty finding an apartment in another complex with my background, income, and credit history.

Way to Go!!! Sounds like you bagged a better apartment in the long run!


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Yes, a much better apartment, though the whole thing just wore me out.

So far, I've got new furniture and my new mattress set coming on the 17th, and after getting VERY politely "assertive" at the moving company, there is a strong possibiliy that my household goods will also be arriving on the 17th.

If not then, then the week after. Then starts the joy of unpacking...

I also have to buy groceries from scratch, do a household goods "shop" which is going to cost me a fortune, and somewhere in there collapse for a week and go one a "virtual 3 day bender" since a real one would give me a two week migraine.

Actually, right about now, half a German beer would probably have me sleeping with my head on my keyboard.

I also have to call an alarm company and see whether or not I can afford to have a whole-house security system installed as the patio doors are the old fashioned sliders where the usual security method is to drop a length of dowel into the track and the apartment is in a rather isolated part of the complex.

I wound up cancelling the love seat off of my furniture order and talked them out of charging me a restocking fee. There just isn't enough room in that living room for that much furniture, though the cats would probably enjoy all the "surfaces".

I still haven't found a computer desk, haven't really looked for one even, and I need to get one somewhere where I can have it delivered and assembled.

That'll go in the bedroom, which is huge, and still allow for the large dresser and chest of drawers and a bed, even though I need a desk large enough to hold a printer and a filing drawer/hutch arrangement.

Will have to check office whatever stores in the city and see what they have and whether they offer delivery and assembly services.

Yeesh...I need sleep...and my own space!


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I also have to call an alarm company and see whether or not I can afford to have a whole-house security system installed as the patio doors are the old fashioned sliders where the usual security method is to drop a length of dowel into the track and the apartment is in a rather isolated part of the complex.

That's actually pretty darn effective. It's almost impossible to open a slider that's got a block in the track.


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Well, I found a computer desk, stark modern light oak finish, doesn't even exist in the same reality as the rest of my bedroom furnishings, but sits nice, and has everything I need within easy reach without straining any arthritic bits.

It's USEFUL AND VERY EFFICIENT and comfy, which is a lot more important than aesthetic considerations.

I'd love to be able to put up a folding screen around it to hide it from view, but several rather traumatic experiences over the years have taught me that decorative screens and lunatic cats just do not go together well.

Dinner tonight was a the trout, which came out rather nicely, I enjoyed a couple of glasses of the chardonnay it was poached in and B made a nice pork chop using my recipe for Greek style marinade. Made the kitchen smell really weird from cooking French fish and Greek pork at the same time, but it was tasty.

Tomorrow is the rest of the stroganoff, after which I am giving my poor liver and gall bladder a break for a bit and going vegetarian for a week or so.

The early part of the day was taken up frantically calling various vendors, etc to correct my ship to address on their records/BOLs/manifests, etc.,

I have to go tomorrow to a couple of places locally and see if I can find bedding and towels, or at least bedding.

Friday is going to be absolutely insane what with all the deliveries showing up.

B has offered to help me unpack when household goods show up. Add in that I still have to find my way out to the far SW suburbs of Chicago to pick up my good china and some table linen, which will require sleeping over at the house of he friend storing them for me, and its gonna be a while before the insanity ends.

I'll have to leave the cats at B&J's while the stuff is being delivered in order to prevent escapes. It's either that or lock them in the bathroom and listen to them howl.

It'll have to pick up a couple of floor mats to put under the littepans as it looks like I'll be parking the litterpans on carpet, which hoovers.

Speaking of which, have been researching vacuums to try to find one that is light enough for me to hoik around, but heavy-duty enough to pick up cat hair and dander.

So far, the Sharp (of all things) ounds like the best bed. They make one designed for pet owners that is getting good reviews. Expensive though.

However, if it works, it'll be cheaper than replacing a vacuum every couple of years due to it choking on pet hair.


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Well, the household goods arrived on the 17th, packed willy-nilly in unlabeled boxes and dumped in a jumbled heap in the living room. I called the moving company and blew my stack. The upshot was that they knocked 300 dollars off the balance I still owed on the move.

Meanwhile, I wound up opening boxes and hoiking them around only to find that stuff was so mixed up that putting them in appropriate rooms just wouldn't work One example being the box that had a blanket and kitchen stuff in it.

SO far, the only boxes that had appropriate stuff in them where one dish barrel and two wardrobe boxes. The rest are just a mess.

The bed arrived in good order. In fact, I forgot i had a set of sheets for it, dragged in one of my new pillows (sans pillowcase), unpacked a blanket, took off my shoes, and had a nap! The new mattress is the most comfortable bed I've ever slept on, and with the new pillow is just wonderful. I did put the sheets on it before I left.

The furniture arrived late, due to the poor deliverymen having been overloaded with deliveries, travelling in an un-airconditioned truck and it being 96 degrees out.

They got the furniture in and it looks good, though the couch looks distinctly brown, rather than having the greenish cast to it that it did in the store.

Poor men were dripping sweat and really hustling. I made them sit down on the sofa, sweat and all, and started pouring cold water down them after one of them started staggering and weaving while helping to carry an extremely heavy chest of drawers into the bedroom.

Turned the AC up full blast and made them sit for about 20 minutes until neither looked in immediate danger of passing out.

As it turns out, there is no room for a desk in the bedroom as I see it now. Possibly something small and free standing.

I think I've figured out where to put the litterpans and have found one very high sided litterpan and a large mat to put under it.

Will have to hit other Walmarts to find another similar pan and mat. Hopefully that will minimize scatter and mess.

My vacuum arrived yesterday. I would up going with a to of the the line Dyson designed for pet owners that comes with a special cleaning head for deep cleaning furniture. J will come out and h elp me assemble it.

Interestingly, since the blow up over the apt swap, Annie, the property mgr, has been bending over backwards to be friendly to me.

I still have to get lamps and such. Got silverware so actually have a set that matches for the first time since Stu died

Called the DMV yesterday and changed my addy on my license and registration for the car. I will go online and pay the 14 bucks to get a new DL that shows my current address so it is valid ID for voting (thank-you Scott Walker you a-hole)

So, other than cancelling my current mail forward forwarding my mail from Rhinelander to Milwaukee and initiating a new one forwarding my mail from Rhinelander to my new address, I should be all set beyond notiying SSDI and VA of m new address, as i got all the credit cards, etc, changed over.

Cable co comes Tuesday for TV and Internet and that should be about it, though I think i will keep the AOL addy I've been using for bills. and the like.

Dang, I'm tired, and I still haven't gotten unpacked.


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Turns out that APt #### is a corner unit tucked away in a wooded area all the way at the other end of the complex
GoingNorth, I missed this calamity, this misfortune that you turned into triumph.

I would love an apartment tucked away in a wooded area. Really it goes to show you that sometimes things are meant to work out. And that obstacles are sometimes the only pathway to good fortune.

I am so grateful to you for sharing your move with us, your fortitude, your hope, your cooking and your kittys.

Thank you. I wish I could send you a housewarming gift and I think I just might.:hugs:


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Copa, thanks for thinking of me. I don't really need anything housewarming-wise beyond a couple of strong, young bodies to help with unpacking and I'd prefer those to be the non-Difficult Child sort as right now I don't have the energy to keep track of DCs.

I'm not sure I have the energy to keep track of my cats, which is why they are staying in my friends' bedroom until I'm more settled in.

Right now I am looking at banks and the VA trying to figure out whom I wish to open accounts with, and how to go about changing my address, direct deposit, etc.,

SSA was easy, all done online, and once I have a new bank, changing that will be done online as well. It looks like dealing with the VA will require a bit of camping on the phone next week.

Once I find a bank and open a checking account, I then have to deal with changing all my various online e-billing, etc., to reflect the new checking information and changing PayPal as well. should be tons of fun.

I didn't enjoy setting this stuff up the first time and am sure I won't enjoy doing it again.


At least it looks like I can duck the monthly fees due to having my various pensions direct deposited into my checking account wherever that winds up being.