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  1. HaoZi

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    Storm has been coughing and complaining of a hurt neck since Saturday. Today she added headache, runny nose, general aches to the list. No fever, so the school nurse did nothing for her. No throwing up either. Took her to doctor since the neck thing worried me and he tested her for strep, checked her over and decided she has the flu and to give her a few days off from school to see if she gets better or worse. Anyone else heard of flu being mild like this or should I anticipate this getting suddenly worse?
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    I've heard of the flu not being so bad they need hospitalization. I don't know if there are any medications to help besides comfort medications for the symptoms because it is viral so I have no idea. Have you tried Tamiflu or some of those other OTC flu remedies? I would heed the docs recommendations so hopefully it doesn't get worse but keep an eye on her. We've got it going around here so bad they are closing hospitals and nursing homes to visitors. The people getting the type that's going around are ones that didn't get the flu shot.

    Good luck. Having a difficult child is hard enough but a sick one is worse. Take care of YOURSELF, too.
  3. HaoZi

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    He said OTC medications, keep her fed and fluids (she's still eating) and keep an eye out for complications. My doctor has been out of the flu shot since December, they suggested I go to Walgreens but I don't have the money for it right now. I'm on an antiviral for that eye infection I had, so I'm hoping that'll give me some measure of protection.
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    Flu CAN be very mild... but it's still flu.
    Drink, drink, and more drink... ideally something with food value (like chicken broth).
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    Achy, with-a neck ache, yes, I've had that version. It can manifest in so many different ways.
    I'd let her sleep a lot ... but I don't let my difficult child play video games when he's home from school. Just saying ... :)
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    There is a flu going around with body aches and a neck pain? Well that explains it. I have been trying to figure out why I am feeling like ****, have the trots, coughing like crazy and my neck is killing me. I dont have a fever except one night I woke up feeling like someone was burning me from my back upwards but I figured that was a hot flash.
  7. HaoZi

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    Yeah, she complains about being hot but isn't running an actual temperature for the most part. Or not so far. I give her something for the aches now and then so that might be helping with any fever, too, but I've only done that twice in the last few days. Mostly her aches are so general they haven't kept her down yet, just moderate until yesterday.

    Get better Janet!

    ETA: Just checked on her this morning and still no fever. Hope this passes quickly and with no complications.
  8. HaoZi

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    GFGdom at its best - the wind chill today won't be above -10 and this child asks to go outside. "But I'll dress for it!" Then gets mad when I say no. Seriously? Can you say potential life-threatening complications Kiddo? Yes? I thought so. Oy. She slept most of this morning and seems to be feeling better but her "eyeballs still hurt, and maybe my head, but I'm not sure." How can you not know?
  9. Californiablonde

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    easy child had the flu over the weekend. It was very mild for him. Sore throat, runny nose, and a temp but he was still his hyperactive, ADHD self. He's all better now. It lasted about three days. Now difficult child is sick. Nurse just sent her home today because she was running a low temp plus yucky nose. So she'll be missing school most likely tomorow. Hoping your girl feels better soon.
  10. InsaneCdn

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    CB... at least she was at school and the nurse sent her home.
    It's no fun being sick, but at least she's playing by the rules!
  11. Californiablonde

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    Yes for that I'm grateful. She didn't feel well this morning but still agreed to go to school. Hopefully the nurse's note will be good enough for tomorrow too. I don't want to have to take her to the doctors just to hear him tell me what I already know. It's the flu, she needs bed rest and fluids, etc. Plus I really can't afford a $20 copay right now. If I have to I'll do it but I really don't want to.
  12. Californiablonde

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    I just checked with the school nurse and she is excusing her for tomorrow. No need for a dr. note, thank goodness.
  13. cubsgirl

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    The worst case of the flu that I have ever had was when I was fourteen. I had to miss a week of school (and I loved school back then). It started with a horrible headache and neck ache. It progressed to body aches, fever on an off (and I rarely run fevers) and a stuffed up head. It sounds similar to what your daughter has. My mom didn't take me to the doctor - we just did fluids and rest. I hope she feels better soon.
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    Watch the neck pain. I get pneumonia easily and once I had pain in the neck and collar bone and no other symptoms, no coughing, fever, malaise etc. and it was pneumonia. There is just so much going around right now.