For all you fuzzbutt fans. . .


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:bravo: :rofl: :tears: :rofl: :bravo:

So adorable, Kathy.

I emailed the link to Barbara Walters (The View). She swears that her dog Chacha has said "I love you." You can imagine that story was fodder for humor on the show for weeks. Well, this might help her prove it. :rofl:



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I had easy child/difficult child and husband come watch. It was terrific!

They all call me "Mama" so the "I love Mama" sentence cracked them up too.

Thanks. DDD


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I loved these! I'm just glad that mine DON'T talk! :blush: I do have one though that grunts and snorts to communicate, and occasionally she burps really loud if she ate too fast! :grin: Does that count?