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    1/2 way between my little town and the big Metropolis of Charleston sits a little community called SeeWee. Two years ago while riding with a friend, I saw an unbelievable sight. I couldn't even fathom that such a thing existed. Now, every time I ride down there, I look to see if I see it again. Sometimes I do, other times it is nowhere in sight. Yesterday, Jana and I saw it again. We stopped and took a picture. Star, you have got to get you one of these---they are even better than donkeys

    It's a zonkey!!!!
  2. trinityroyal

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    Oh my goodness! How cool is that!
  3. mstang67chic

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    She's going to wind up getting a donkey or one of these and then her Df is going to hunt us down! LOL
  4. GoingNorth

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    zonkeys are cool-looking, but they tend to very much take after the zebra side of the family.

    zebras are tough customers and can be extremely dangerous.

    In addition, due to zonkeys being sterile as are mules, some people don't see the need to geld (castrate) the males.

    The 'entire' males can be extremely dangerous, and that includes sweet, fuzzy donkeys.
  5. Mattsmom277

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    OMG! Why can't they be like gentle spirited teady bears??? I swear I'd fight the city bylaw against farm animals in town and my backyard would have a designer zonkey enclosure.
    Don't ya just want one????
  6. GoingNorth

    GoingNorth Crazy Cat Lady

    Actually, having been charged by a male zebra who thought I was paying too much attention to his mares (from behind a moat and fence, luckily)...and having been picked up like a ragdoll and shaken badly enough to crack a collarbone by a supposedly 'gentle' saddle donkey jack (breeding male)...

    I'll stick with non-testosterone laden donkeys and you can keep the zebras.

    There was a fellow who lived near us in Germany who had a pair of captive-bred zebra mares that he'd broken to drive. He took them out for festivals and the like. Mares or not, captive-bred or not, those mares wore muzzles and kicking straps (harness attachment over hips to prevent kicking)

    For a city kid I spent a lot of time around wild life. I even got nipped and clawed by a mountain lion. Luckily, she only weighed about eight lbs at the time. My scout group got to go down to the zoo and meet the nursery animals.

    She wasn't a difficult child puma, I was just too slow with the bottle and she was a hungry kitty, LoL

    Since mountain lions are making their way back across the US, I sincerely hope that's the last time I get nailed by one. I visited her a couple of times over the next couple of years, and she was more than capable of eating me.
  7. everywoman

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  8. Star*

    Star* call 911

    OMG - I want one of THOSE............


    SEEWEE??? WHEN/IF I Get my new/USED SUV I am going to seek out this ZONKEY....

    Did you see the ears....OMG are those not the most ADORABLE ears you have ever....and the little lips....look at those could you not just kiss those little fuzzy lips...and I wonder what kind of noise....bray or ee on eeee on....zebras make an odd noise....I wonder.. I MUST HEAR THIS ZONKEY....OMG ......wonder how much a cab would cost to SeeWee....???

    When I hit the lotto.....we are moving to somewhere that has acres and acres of land....and we are hiring only difficult child's....and homeless people....and having a donkey and now....ZONKEY rescue....with Dog rescue...

    OMG that is just.....he's AWESOME.........

    Going North is correct about the moody Zebra ---they're like a mare on PMDD/PMS don't know why - they're beautiful.but soooooo tempermental.

    And when I lived in Fl....a lady I knew had a (well I guess it depends on what you call them) but hers was a Cougar (Mt. Lion, Panther) and she had it in a humongous cage. She kept telling me - Oh she's friendly you can pet her come on in. I kept my distance....and one day another of our friends said "I'll go in." and I thought "Not me." and that cat swatted the friend one time and she flew about 15 feet across the cage -ONE swat. It knocked her almost out cold. NO THANK YOU MISS KITTY.

    Zonkey huh? VERY COOL THanks for sharing.....I actually KNOW where SeeWee Sold them playground equipment. LONG time ago.

    Thanks again....Wonder what his name is....:D
  9. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Showed him to DF -

    I CAN HAVE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I CAN HAVE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just as soon as I hit the lotto....I can have one....
    (mumbles somethign not nice about DF under her breath)
    .....currently looking for Zebra to bite DF in the hiney.....
  10. GoingNorth

    GoingNorth Crazy Cat Lady

    husband once described us humans as basically being Cheetos to predators. We're slow, tasty, and very easy to peel and eat, LoL.

    We're also absolutely defenseless against predators unless we have outside weaponry.

    I LOVED playing with and feeding that puma kitten, but there is no way you could've gotten me into her enclosure once she grew up.

    Even if all she wanted to do was play with me, she could've torn me limb from limb.

    I still have a small scar below my left thumb joint from the nip, and another linear scar on my forearm from her thumb claw. You can barely see them anymore. That cub was NOT trying to hurt me. She was a bit wound up from playing with her siblings and she was HUNGRY and wanted her bottle.

    I got hurt by the donkey because despite my having experience handling stallions, I fell into the "cute and fuzzy" trap with this jack and I got stupid and left myself open to attack.

    And I did threaten him by stepping into his stall with him him before he'd turned around and shown me he was ready to allow me into his territory.

    Another thing people don''t realize about donkeys is that pound for pound they are at least twice as strong as horses are.

    in my humble opinion, you get the best of both worlds with a good, gelded john mule.
  11. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Oddly enough - I feel the exact same way about men.:surprise::tongue:
  12. GoingNorth

    GoingNorth Crazy Cat Lady

    LMAO Star. I've been waiting for one or the other of us to get sent to the corner on this one.

    I think you beat me there...
  13. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    Zonkeys LOOK cool. I would rather have a llama. there are quite a few people who own/breed llamas around here. Very nice animals for the most part.
  14. GoingNorth

    GoingNorth Crazy Cat Lady

    Llamas are cool animals. I know in the Rockies there are some hiking operations using Llamas as pack animals.

    Out in the Desert states there are a couple of golf courses using Llamas as caddies.

    Another nice thing about Llamas is that in addition to them being docile pack animals, they produce a very high quality wool that can be spun into yarn for knitting and weaving.

    However, Llamas are another domesticated animal where the males need a little snip to be 'socially acceptable"
  15. Abbey

    Abbey Spork Queen

    Llamas spit...just when you're trying to snuggle them. Not fun.
  16. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    I can't say I care for llamas. Or camels. Same reason.....they spit and it's disgusted if you're the one who got spitted on. ewwww

    Cool zonkey. I guess they'll try to cross breed anything if they can. I don't quite see the point.....especially if they are sterile. But to each their own.

    When I win the lottery........I want someone to breed me a pigmy elephant. I have a thing for elephants. No way I could snuggle a big I'd want a pigmy one. lol :)
  17. GoingNorth

    GoingNorth Crazy Cat Lady

    Just to make the whole "spitting" thing even more disgusting, that is NOT's stomach contents.

    You're basically getting a face full of projectile vomit. All members of the camel famiily can do this, and it is just plain nasty.
  18. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    And SPEAKING of camels... I feel the need to resurrect rlsnights' link about the camel dairy south of me...

    I'm hoping to take the kids down there over Thanksgiving break!
  19. GoingNorth

    GoingNorth Crazy Cat Lady

    Discovery Channel actually did part of a "Dirty Jobs" segment on this dairy. So far they cannot sell the milk because they refuse the pasteurize it. A lot of the health benefits from camel's milk come from the types of enzymes in it and heat destroys that.

    husband said that some of the tribesmen actually washed their hair and bathed their babies in camels' urine. It is supposed to be a natural hair conditioner and has the added benefit of repelling vermin.

    husband ate camel and tried camel milk while serving in the middle-east, but never got up the nerve to attempt a visit to the camel-pee hair salon, LoL
  20. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Only with this group......ROFLMAO - can you imagine what a newbie coming to this post must think????

    What is this?? Oh a post for Star....I'll read this....
    Ohhhhhh how nice - a zonkey....what is a zonkey (looks at picture)
    then reads,,,,,,and reads.....and then must think...

    They went from Zonkeys to Camel pee in (counts....19 posts)


    Hey is that a butterfl

    OH look a shiney thing.....:tongue: