For the first time difficult child was not selfish!


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Yesterday we went to the Astros baseball game. We all had our fair share of junk food, but close to the end of the game, difficult child said he wanted cotton candy. The vendor was just at the top of the stairs, so I told him he could go get it and come right back. After he was out of earshot, I asked husband if he gave him some money and he said, no. So I said, well, he'll be back in a minute. No deal. After a few minutes, here he came with not one, but two, bags of cotton candy. One for me and one for him (I love the stuff) and he bought it with his OWN MONEY!!!! Now you know how expensive food is at the ball was TEN bucks for two bags of cotton candy!! No kiddin', I CRIED!!! There IS hope somewhere!!!!!!

After all the stimulation of the game, though, we had a rough evening. M*A*N*I*C.....the rest of the evening.


Well-Known Member sweet that he bought you some candy that he knows you love!

I think most kids get worked up at events like that so it is to be expected. At least you can remember the good part!


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I always had to wonder if difficult child was doing something like this for me to be sweet, or becuase she did not want to share her own with me! LOL!

I choose the first one - she did it for me because I am such a good mom that she appreciates!



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New to the site but love the forum. I read about your great Astros Game...I too am a BIG fan and live in the Woodlands area of town. I can relate too my son is 9 with ODD and possible Bipolar disorder and those rare moments of caring thoughtful behavior remind us that there is a great little person in there and it keeps me motivated to try and help him no matter how tired I am.
You have Yorkies too? I have my sweet little "Harley" a yorkie male three yrs old, the joy of my life!!!
Ever need to vent feel free to email me anytime...Kimba


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Random acts of kindness from children like ours are appreciated (I belive) more than anyone knows. When you get to see them behave like YOU know they ARE, it tears your heart up.

Thanks for the gentle reminder that they can be - human. ALmost made the manic episode bearable huh?

Hugs and congrats......GO INDIANS. GO CLEVELAND BROWNS.

Sorry Texas.....

Star - ahem that would be the Lone Star right about now huh?

What great news!!! I'm so happy for you!!! I know from reading your posts how difficult your difficult child can be.

Underneath it all, he has a heart and loves you!!! It's moments like this, that help remind us why we fight so hard for our difficult children!!!

Way To Go :bravo: difficult child!!!