For those who get depressed, what is your favorite way to cheer up?


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It's another day when Jumper, who came home for my surgery and cheered me up as soon as I saw her (I was not expecting her) just drove back to college. That always depresses me, but I have been fighting a bit of depression all week. This is NOT major depression. It is the residual depression I get because my medications are maybe 90% successful, but can't completely keep my moods 100% stable. I know it's not because of surgery as I am doing so well that if I didn't have my drain hanging down my boob, I'd be doing jumping jacks. I am seriously neither tired nor very sore nor affected much by that other than feeling restless because I won't be working a while. I need to move back into this moment, as hubby is still home with me, and not think ahead to tomorrow when he will be at work and the kids will be where they go, but I did think about it as she drove off...and the thought of those endless hours are, well, depressing to me.

Being alone and not busy always gets me a bit depressed. And although I can probably get the doctor to let me go back to work in two weeks, I'd rather take four weeks so that I can do some things I have no time for when I work, one being going to the Workforce Development to interview for a REAL job. Goodwill is just part of a four year program and while I have three years left, I'd feel better at a permanent job where I'm an employee, not a Program Participant who gets paid by the program rather than the company.

That was my longwinded way of asking what you, who get depressed at times, do when you are feeling down? I do read, but I can't do that all the time. I work out, but that's impossible right now, post-surgery. I don't have a lot of friends so my social life is mostly at work.

Right now I have tears in my eyes like I always do when Jumper leaves. There is something magical to me about Jumper. When I opened my eyes after surgery and saw her, I just lit up inside. She can do that to me. To feel a bit better I'm going to Skype Princess and Buddha Baby later, but BB usually doesn't last too long, although she's fun to Skype. I already talked to Sonic...him I see all the time.

I also love warm bubblebaths with scented candles and classical music, but...not allowed to take a bath until the drain is out.

I can't even get romantic with hubster right now...haha.

Any suggestions? I am seriously about to start jogging while I hold my's not that big a deal...because working out is all I know. Yet I'll need calmer ways to perk up the next two weeks at least.

Any suggestions, welcome. %*#@ drain!!!!!!!! I hope it comes out Tuesday, which is when I to back to the surgeon's offices.


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I'm so glad that you have Jumper, and I love your description of her and how she affects you.
I have no suggestions. I'm down, myself.
Mostly because of difficult child and his being a slug. And ignoring us. And being a mooch.
And because of my dental surgery.
And the snow that keeps school cancelled.
And it's tax season.

I write poetry.
I go to this board and visit you all.
I eat chocolate.
If the weather were better, I would go for walks.


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Really up-beat music. Like... Gilbert and Sullivan (old classic musicals like Oklahoma! etc.), Strauss, military bands, pipe bands, fiddle.


Retail therapy :D as in... go get yourself some aromatherapy candles, seeing as how you can't use bubble bath right now.


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Thanks both of you. Insane, I do listen to music!!!! My furbabies are wonderful!!!!! And I'm not working right now so I can't so on a spending spree. DARN!!!!! I do love my incense. You'd think hubby and I were potheads as much as we use incense. What can I say? We're from the 70's! ;)

Terry, I'm so sorry you're down too and the trouble you're having with your son. It really socks when your kid is trying to hurt you and being a PITA. Keep your chin up. You've done the best job possible and he's at one of the hardest ages A.K.A. "I'm eighteen now so I'm suddenly wise, mature, and I don't need you anymore, except for when I do." I kind of think your son is going through this annoying phase. Some less mature kids take eighteen to mean they magically know it all because of a number that says they can make their own decisions. It's an "iffy" number. Not all eighteen year olds are ready for that, but the law says they can. I feel very comfortable with Jumper just doing her own thing. I know she won't do anything stupid. Bart, on the other hand, is still immature and at eighteen he was a nightmare.



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I too am glad jumper helps you!

I've mentioned many times how I swear by my vitamins helping me. It was noticeable. B Complex, D3, Fish Oil and extra B12. And if I'm really down, I'll take an extra B6 for a few days. I take kind of a lot of D3 2000 units, twice a day (4000 total).

I also like music, walking, positive literature, talking with a friend and shopping for something (just a lipstick, for example).

If it doesn't lift and you aren't doing so already, always a good idea to see a therapist, at least for a few sessions.

I've seen a therapist in the past and when I have some big life stressor getting me down, I pop in for one or two sessions.

Best wishes.


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I like watching silly comedies, whether it's a sitcom or a movie. That usually cheers me up if I am having just a bit of depression. Also, going out with friends.


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If I can't get out of the house I make a point of watching something funny on tv or the internet. Laughter actually is the best medicine.


I eat chocolate. Sometimes I watch a sad film like Stepmom, have a good cry then I feel better. Sometimes crying & letting it all out helps. Other times if I can I see my old school friend who I can be myself with who never judges me. She will somehow soothe me them remind of funny times when we were kids. School was my saviour as a child as my home life was so awful! Go get something nice to eat who cares about dieting. Get a good dvd & relax on the couch with your pets if you have any. My cat always makes me feel good.


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Thank you everyone :) I feel good now. Funnily enough it is because of something I read on mindfulness, my favorite philosophy. It is a lot like Buddhism, which has always given me tremendous comfort, but it has a therapeutic edge to it which is soothing to my soul.

People who get depressed or ever suffered severe depression tend to panic and almost have PTSD from any sort of sadness and relate it to depression, when it is only sadness. If we just let the feeling pass before us, not analyze it or panic, and remind ourselves that sadness is just a passing emotion, we can deal with it. I did that and it worked like magic.

I love mindfulness. Best.Therapy.Ever. It's true too. Every time I get a little sad, I panic and think, "Oh no! Depression again!"

And depression is a nightmare. I have to stop thinking every sad wave will lead to a severe clinical depression.

I did watch a movie, however it was one of those suspense movies, but I got very caught up in it and it helped tons.

Thanks again to all :)

Scent of Cedar *

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I am glad you are feeling better.


Gratitude. You know how they say we are supposed to write down five things we are grateful for every day? I actually do that, when I am depressed.

I read Simple Abundance for a few days.

I meditate and watch the sunrise. There is nothing that can turn my mood from sour to grateful and even, happy, like watching the sun rise. There is so much life out there in the world that we don't think about. When the sky begins to brighten, the birds begin calling to one another and the breeze rises. There is this steadily increasing cacophony of birdsong and breeze and then BOOM the sun is over the horizon.

That is the coolest feeling!

I watch for a few more minutes because everything is still so pretty, but those feelings of hushed expectation and all that crazy birdsong changes once the sun is riding high.

Just a thought for you too, MWM. Any surgery, even minor stuff (which a mastectomy is not) traumatizes us. They say we are aware of everything that happens while we are under anesthetic, but that we cannot remember.

That feeling of missing time is bothersome, and the feeling that something happened that wasn't right. I still feel so badly for myself that I had that thing on my back removed. I mean, I am glad it is gone, but the scar makes me feel so badly, and I feel very sorry that happened to that little piece of me.

I would have saved it in the freezer, like I did the kids' tonsils and umbilicals, if they hadn't needed to biopsy it.

Still, I feel badly that it's out there in the world somewhere, all destroyed.

Surgery is a strange thing.

And I was awake, so I don't have that sense of missing time.

It must be traumatic, to have a drain.

I hope you feel so much better soon, MWM.


P.S. I liked what you said about gearing up for depression or PTSD and having it turn out to be only sadness. This has happened to me, too! I hadn't put it into so many words, but I do gear up for the worst reaction, now.

When I am okay, I am like...huh.

Which is a little disconcerting, in itself.

But I never want to feel that way, that terrible way I felt for all those years, again. There is a song about that.

I must be getting better MWM, and you must, too.



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Thanks, all.

Cedar, I love how that was explained. I was able to stave off further depression by telling myself "It's just sadness. The PTSD is tricking you again."

That is definitely not depression because you can't talk yourself out of clinical depression.