For those who suffer chronic constipation

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    This came in an article from an email list I subscribe to:

    Also for those who are chronic pain sufferers here is the email list/group/website you might be interested in joining. They have helped me numerous times as once my medication was on recall yet my docs ddn't even know. It was good to know as I could request the docs to rewrite medications differently before I got to pharmacy and have to make yet another trip back to docs.
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    Red seedless grapes are a mainstay in our home - they have tanic acid (sp?) and well needless to say -
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    I am definately going to try to the red seedless grapes.

    Another thing that helps me...
    First thing in the morning, drink a very warm large class of water, with the juice of one lemon in it. It works for me perhaps 75% of the time. Perhaps if I do this and eat those grapes all day...voila! LOL!!!!:D:crazy1: