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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by klmno, Feb 2, 2013.

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    I had to buy a computer unexpectedly yesterday and I didn't get a real expensive it didn't come with any word processing on it, although it has a bunch of Microsoft Word programs on it none of them seem to lead me to a word application. I had emailed myself some .doctor files on my old computer before it went out because I had a feeling this was going to happen soon. Those files were actually created on or something like that. Is there a place to download a simple, free word processing program? I only need to read old .doctor files, edit these files, type new ones, etc.

    Also, I can't believe I didn't even get standard games like solitaire, online backgammon, etc. Is there anyplace to download a couple of those? They are my eye openers when I'm having my coffee in the mornings. LOL!
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    Yeah!! I just downloaded it and opened a file. Thank you so much!!
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    I was going to suggest, I use it. Also anything else you need just go to and look. You can find everything there.
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    Great- thank you!! I found solitaire on my hard drive...silly, I know, but I'm used to doing something in the mornings before getting up and actually doing anything constructive...maybe it reassures me that I don't have alzheimers yet. LOL!
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    I was going to suggest openoffice too. Also, for games there are a lot of free sites but don't indiscriminately download. Words with Friends is available on facebook - that can help too!
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    Openoffice is what I was going to suggest also. I can ask husband about the games.

    I don't know if you like logic puzzles, where you would use a set of clues to figure out other things, but you might pop over to . You can download free versions of his games until you understand them and want to purchase. I have played Sherlock for at least a decade on various computers. It is well worth the money. I got my mom hooked on it and when her mind is really scattered or she is just waking up, she plays a few games to clear her head. The graphics are not fancy, and neither is the concept really, but the game is really great. I haven't met many people who didn't like it once they got into it. His other games are also great, esp moriarty. Moriarty has you at his dinner party. You have to figure out who Moriarty is, and who he is poisoning during the meal.

    You can download a demo with certain number of the puzzles in each size for free - this goes for all of the games. This would be a way to get some games for free until you decde what you really want. I have installed more than a few different games from this company over the years, at least one to every computer I have owned and ditto for my folks and more than a few friends. None of us have ever had ANY problems due to these games.

    Well, other than becoming hooked on them and spending a graciously plentiful amount of time playing them, lol.
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    have you ever played on Pogo? I bet you would love it.