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    We have had Keyana this whole long labor day weekend. On Saturday we decided to take her down to North Myrtle Beach to play on the beach and take advantage of Billy staying in the condo with a pool.

    So we get down there, play on the beach for a bit but she gets tired of that rather quickly which I expected because there were a ton of people but no one for her to really play with and she was getting hungry. So I said, lets us go get something to eat and Billy can call us when he gets back to his room and tell us where to go...blah blah blah.

    Ok...that works out find. He calls security and works it out so we have a parking pass waiting at the front gate to get in and out as needed. We find his room, go up, change and go down to the pool. Keyana was a bit scared...ok terrified...of the big pool at first but she did ok. Grandma had a great time teaching her. I havent been in a pool in ages and I really do think it would do me loads of good to have one. I felt great in that pool. I could play with her for hours in that pool. She wanted to keep getting in the pool because I was in it. LOL.

    Then tonite was the funniest thing. She had to go with her mom to her final dance class this afternoon but her mom brought her back to spend tonight again cause she doesnt have school tomorrow. Well she ate dinner and then when it was time for bed she came into our bed to snuggle and do her nightly chat.

    We were talking and giggling together and she is at that age where she is fascinated with body parts and bodily functions. Boobies and booty's illicit gales of laughter. She unbuttoned her pj top and pointed to her booby and booby, in a really hushed voice...then buttened it up real quick...giggling. Then pointed to mine and said...Youve got BIG boobies! and just grinned. LMAO.

    I tickled her and said...dont you be teasin your grandma! As I was tickling her she touched my butt. She said...Oh...your booty! I reached down and lightly smacked her butt and said youve got a little bootie, bootie girl. And she looked up at me and said..."I like big buts I cannot lie" LMAO! Then she fell over laughing. Meanwhile her hands are making motions like she is describing a really big butt!

    About this time Tony rolls over and tells her she has to go to sleep. So we both look at each other and she put her finger up to her mouth and says SHHHHHH. And next she starts pantomiming this whole thing! She is shaking her head, laughing without any sound, rocking back and forth, making the big butt show of hands...everthing. Her pigtails were flopping back and forth. She was getting up and down off the bed while she walked around in circles like she was putting on a show. It was just downright amazing. It was like watching one of those old movies without sound. But she absolutely "gets" humor. It was like watching a much older girl who took over my 3 year olds body suddenly and was at a sleepover.
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    What a great weekend! I totally adored those early times when it was clear they "got it" about humor and jokes. Even Wiz was totally into jokes and puns. By 3 he was very very "punny". He even got many of the ones in Sesame Street!

    THIS is the time to get some MadLibs!! Instead of noun it is "Person, Place or Thing, something you can touch". Verbs are action words, something you do. Adjectives are colors and describing words. Adverbs are "how you do something" like fart, you fart LOUDLY. You Poop STINKILY.

    Those will make her laugh, make the rest of you laugh, and foster her understanding of language. Sadly no one in my home has any couth. we are ALL uncouth. MadLibs is a mealtime activity, when we are all sitting around. A MadLib is not a MadLib without Poop, fart and vomit. At least not to any of MY kids, LOL!!!

    You will have SUCH a great time with Miss K for the next umpteen years!!!!

    I am so glad you see how great you feel in a pool!! Maybe you can get to the YMCA if there is one near you. You CAN appeal to the Board for a fee waiver. Basically you would get all the basic services for free. They do NOT advertise this. Often the desk people have no clue.

    Give that girl a hug!!! She is such a great kid!!
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    We dont have a Y locally. I think I may check around to our local hotels and see if any of them have indoor pools and ask them if I could just come use the pool on the weekends for a couple of dollars at a time. I think some of them used to do that.