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There's a funny thread going on in PE and it made me think of funny family names that are handed down from generation to generation.

My father's *real* name was...........Horace.

In Dad's high school yearbook his friends' inscriptions all started with "Horry"---can you imagine??? :rofl: Needless to say, when Dad joined the Marines :salute: he went by "Bus" or "Buster"----a common male nickname in those days.

But I digress.

So Dad's name was Horace.

And his father's name was............Horace.

And <u>his</u> father's name was............Horace.

Yes, my friends, that proud name went back <span style='font-size: 20pt'>7</span> generations in my family...and one family even named TWO sons Horace! :hammer:

When my brother was born....my father named him....

...(drumroll please)...

.............................Michael. :whew:

We also have a "Willadot" in our family back a couple of generations. Willadot was the daughter of William and Dorothy, of course you know! :slap:

So tell me about the funny names in your family. Did any of our beloved board members get saddled with the funny family name him/herself?



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I was fortunate that a kind nurse suggested an American sounding name. So Franca turned to Frances. It was important to me in school to fit in and I was glad to have a name that was recognizable.
My older brother is Ortenzio, sister Fernanda and baby sis is Josephine but goes by Tina. Baby brother an I got the only names that don't end in a vowel. I would love to go by Franca now but it's too late.

I went out with a boy named Felix. His dad had changed his own name from Cornelius to Felix. If you are going to change it, wouldn't you go for something more mainstream.

I have a family of names but they are ethnic more than odd.
My parents are from Iowa, total farm kids, 13 kids on my mom's side and 7 from my dad's.

Let's see, Gpa's name was Faye ReAllen (we used Faye as easy child 1's middle name, would never have considered it for a boy!)

Aunt's names: Mamie Sue, Dolly Dear, Pauline Arlene, Phyllis Jean (my mom), Barbara Ann. The rest have slipped my mind for the moment. For this to be really funny, you'd have to know their last name, but I won't post it for security sake. hee hee haa haa

And yes, they ALWAYS used first and middle names. To this day, my dad calls me by my first and middle name said so fast it sounds like one name. :smile:

Dad's side: Harold Keaton (I just love the name Keaton!) went by the name of Judd (I dunno?!?!), Richard Wallace (went by Slim, but he was 6'8" and over 250lbs in high school!)

I went to school with a John Johnson and a Smith Wesson. Why do parents do these things to their kids?

Great thread, this should be fun!



Can't think of any offhand in my family, but a high school friend's name was Johnda. It was a blend of her dad's name (John) and her mom's name (Wanda).

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My full name is Jo-Ellen and I always felt like the lost sister from Petticoat Junction! Betty-Jo, Bobby-Sue, etc. :hammer:

My dad's name was Joseph and my mom's best friend's name was Ellen, voila! Jo-Ellen. I hated it growing up but now I like it.

No real freakish names that I can think of off hand...many strange spellings though.


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My original birth name was Gertrude Arvid. Thank god my dad returned from the war 3 days after the war and changed it.

The best name I've come across over the years is...Oakie Good. He was a student of mine. I joked one day asking him if his middle name was 'Dokie.' Yep.

Oakie Dokie Good. :slap:

What were his parents thinking!!!

I wonder where he is today. He'd be about 35 now.



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My cousin named her daughter Bondria....

My dad's mother's middle name was Babe (Scottish). My aunt gave her daughter the same middle name.

We have a lot of Italian ethnic names in our family too. Fran, I like Franca.

I remember walking through a farmer's market out in the midwest and heard some guy calling out for his son. He was yelling Beuford. I got a kick out of that one.


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difficult child goes to school with a boy whose name is Taz. Yep, just Taz. In my family there are some uncommon names but I don't know how unusual they are. I have an uncle who is Hurbie. Not Hurb or Herbert......just Hurbie. An aunt is Bonnie Bell but she just goes by Bonnie.

My mother in law's family however is a different story. They are from Kentucky and also do the firstmiddle name combo. My mother in law is Vada Jean and she has a brother who goes by the name Junebug. I can't remember what his real name is but everyone calls him Junebug.

One of my cousins named her boys Bronson, Walker and Marshall but I think those are probably the most unusual names in our family aside from another cousin who is named Duana. (Du-ahna)


Too funny!

My former mother in law worked at school here and had a set of twins... the Popp twins... Soda, and Lollie.

A popular middle name in the family was Coals.

My grandmother's middle name was Ion (pronounced I Own).

And my poor, poor uncle's name is the 4th in a series of folks who thought Cleophus was a good name for a boy.

Not so funny, just uncommon, our farrier, an old order Amish, named his son who is just slightly younger than my wee difficult child "Aiden". His other children are Ann, Mary, and Rose, very traditional and common, but he liked "Aiden". I think its cool.


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husband's grandmother's first name is Khloree. I have no clue where that came from.

My father in law is a real hoot. When husband's youngest brother was born, he wanted him to be "King Houston" XXXXX (husband's family is seriously Texan). mother in law put her foot down (????) for a more normal name so he's "King Tyler" XXXXX, goes by "King". I burst out laughing the first time husband told me his bro's name, but when I met him? King is actually very appropriate.

All my kids were named after family members, but no Kings and no Khlorees (now you know where thank you got his name from).

Oh - I forgot Ruby and Pearl, my grandmother's aunts who were twins. Can you tell they were also Southern?? :wink:


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My poor husband got stuck with the middle name of Theodore. It was his grandfathers middle name and his grandmother insisted that he be named that. She wanted them to name him his grandfathers full name of Hobsten Theodore but thankfully his parents won out and named him Anthony Theodore. I call him Tony but his entire family calls him Theodore so we can tell if someone knew him from that side of the family or me...lol.

Now my oldest son is a William Henry the Fifth. Gag me. He swears he will never saddle his kid as a sixth...lmao. The rest of my kids are fairly normal names I think. Anthony James, Cory Allen.

husband's father was a strange name...James Laylon. Jamie wanted to name his son Laylon if he ever gets one...lol.

My name is Janet Scott which is somewhat odd but the Scott is my mothers maiden name. I am hoping one of the kids might name a boy Scott.
My late, Ex, brother-in-law (DEX's) brother who died...poor guy, he was born in 76, named after his grandfather.


Now, I used to do work as a dispatcher, and let me tell you, we had some of the most ridiculous names come across our desk...none of these are made up:

Hymen Burstyn
:censored2: Lappin (I mean, wouldn't you go by Richard?)
Aquanetta Robinson

Those 3 stand out the most...


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LOL, Janet - my bro is a William Morrison XXX the fifth. There will be no sixth as I think my kids have scared him off of fatherhood. Kinda sad though, because the fifth is the last male in our family tree.

Boo is a fourth. I'd never do it again - has made for some nightmare insurance snafus, LOL.


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I actually had some weird names come across my desk when I was a caseworker for DSS.

There was Chlamidia, Goneria, and my favorite...Fuchan A XXX. LMAO.


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<span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'>My son went to high school one day and told one of his teachers his middle name was Danger, she asked if that was a family name....

Had an uncle named Willard, (wasn't there some movie about a rat named Willard?), cousin named Janina, a college roomate named Wadine (father Wade, mother Maxine), but that's about the only unusual names I can think of.... </span>

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My paternal grandmother Tannie married Milfred. My maternal grandmother Madonna is married to Louis III, who proceeded to have Louis IV & young Louis V is my cousin.

My great grandfather Chauncey. My great grandmother went by Mamie though her real name was Pearl.


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Y'all are gonna love this..

My Mom's name is Laquita Mae (goes by Quita)

My maiden name is Mustain (imagine the teasing I got)

My Grandmother was Velma Isora and her sister my Great Aunt was Thelma Isadora--Mom said they used to call them Izzie and Isie !!

I have a great Aunt and Uncle--Lillie and Herman Mustain (we called 'em the Munsters)