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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by kris, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. kris

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    <font color="blue">does anyone ever read the Writers Blogs on the ABC site for GA?

    the writer for the episodes involving george's dad & his death wrote from personal experience. her dad died from esophogeal cancer, quickly....just like george's dad. even the fa*tng was part of their experience lol. the blog on this is in the january blog archives.

    these blogs can be facinating.


    kris </font>
  2. donna723

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    Kris, I have never read these but I'm going to. The episodes about Georges father really hit home with me because we just lost a very dear friend from work from esophogeal cancer. In his case, I don't know if it was really quick or if he was just misdiagnosed for a long time before they found out he had it. He underwent treatment for about a year and was finally pronounced cancer free by the hospital where he had his treatments. He felt bad and went to another hospital where he was told that it had spread to other parts of his body ... one week later he died.
  3. kris

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    <font color="blue">from the bits i've read it seems the writers use their real life experiences quite a bit. i got teary reading krista's blog about those two episodes...called 6 hours i think.

    then in the februarly blog the writer talks about how her husband had brain surgery & had episodes like merideth's mom. apparently rather common. again...teary!

    i have to start reminding myself to go read the blog right after viewing the episode.

    kris </font>