Gave Buddy a heart attack ... a mini update on us

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by TeDo, Aug 1, 2013.

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    I sent picture messages to her phone of difficult child 2 driving (got his learner's permit last week) saying "difficult child 2 passed his test last week" followed by another picture text of difficult child 1 driving saying "He passed today". They were meant to be read in that order.

    Well, it didn't happen that way. Buddy opened the last message first and thought difficult child 1 had "PASSED" as in died. It wasn't until after she picked her phone back up off the floor and read the first one that her heart started beating again.

    Both my difficult child's are now learning to drive, with ME in the passenger seat at all times. difficult child 2 is doing well and is following my rules and instructions but of course, difficult child 1 has to question EVERY SINGLE ONE of them. Gee, why do cell phones need to be turned OFF when they are learning to drive and why can't they drive in flip-flops and ... and ... and .... Hmmm This could be interesting.
  2. busywend

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    Oh my...poor Buddy! Good luck on the driving twins! 1 is bad enough.....2 - yikes!
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    OMG lol!
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    I heard about the near-heart-attack! LOL I'm glad they're OK. Think calming thoughts. And tell difficult child 1 that flipflops get caught on the pedals, and that's why so many teen girls are such terrible drivers.

    OK, so it's only a part of it...
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    Poor Buddy! That must have been awful for however long she thought the worst had happened!