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    husband and I received a letter back from the program difficult child 2 is in after my little tirade to the social worker. I will share it with you and then comment on some things.

    Dear Social Worker,

    As a result of a conversation in Family Remedial Skill with Mr & Mrs Catinthehat, the question has aisen, "is he X Program and XX Facility the best placement option for difficult child 2 at this time." The topic of conversation was afragment of an ongoing discussion about the best treatment available for difficult child 2. In that conversation, I also staed that the X treatment team and I do not beliee that difficult child 2 should leave X. It is our recommendation that he stays. I do, however, belive that it is best practice to continously ask ourselves " is this the best we can do for difficult child 2?"

    I am also awae that because of that brief conversation, pevious concerns of he Cat Family have been rekindled. As I look through the list, I do think they've all been addressed. Mr & Mrs Cat have been concerned about not being informed of meetings through school. This year, difficult child 2 has new teachers, and all ready prompt communication has taken place. Mrs Cat set up a conference with Ms Teacher for mid October. Mr & Mrs Cat have been concerned about GFG2s medical appointments. Our nursing department has been made aware of these concerns and has been invited to his staffing on October 1st. In December of 2006, GFG2s speech therapist through XY Hospital decreased his appointments to once a week. Our staff provides transportation to that appointment as scheduled. While communication is always a challenge wih so many caregivers involed, we hae made efforts to streamline communication with Mr & Mrs Cat through a limited number of professionals.

    Finally, and most presently, is the concern that difficult child 2 and Child A and or BIOBAT may have contact on our campus. As soon as we became aware of the concern, precautions were made to prevent difficult child 2 from having contact with BIO or Child A. While we can not guarantee they won't or can't communicate, we de feel we are doing our best to monitor and address the concerns. We have put into place specific measures to decrease the likelihood of any contact. For example W house program staff are aware that if BIO is on campus for any reason, then the program is to call the X program so we can ensure difficult child 2 and BIO will not accidentally run into one another. We know that this plan has been implemented successfully on at least one occasion. Although difficult child 2 and Child A ated the same school, they are not in the same class together. However, difficult [email protected] does have a classmate from W house and this cannot be avoided. He reports he has approached he to get/give information to Child A and BIO. When this came to our aention, Senior Director and acting W house superviosr, talked to the other client involved and reminded the classroom staff f the concerns. We will continue o monitor this and ake action when we are aware that any breech in communication is occuring.

    Aside from these concerns, difficult child 2 is sill doing well in Individal sessions. He is cooperattive and diligent in the work we've been doing. difficult child 2 has disclosed new victims and addiional offenses. He is working on understanding thinking errors, detours, and patterns f dysfunctional behaviour. There is not much evidence that he applies what he's learning about himself to his interactions, but hopefully tha twill follow. If difficult child 2 were to move to another facility in hopes of a fresh start, one serious consideration should be the tie spent in getting to know difficult child 2 and hw he perceives his environment. Our staff have invested months of learning how difficult child 2 thinks and responds so that we canmake our best efforts to help him develop social skills for his future success.

    Regarding concerns that the parents are experiencing "attitude" from he staff. This is of course concerning Occupational Therapist (OT) us however, the X team is made up of a number individuals and we are unaware of "who" specifically MR & Mrs Cat are referring to. The X program supervisor will talk directly to Mr & Mrs Cat to determine who they ar ehaving dificulty with. In the future, it is our hope that as concerns arise regarding staff, they can be dealt with swiftly between the parents and the program supervisor.

    We hope this cleas up an concerns, mis-communications and quesions you may have. We'll be glad to revisit any of them again at GFG2s staffing on Monday October 1st.

    program supervisor
    clinical supervisor/counselor
    senior director
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    OK now to address this lovely work they sent.

    My answer to is this the best we can do for difficult child 2 is NOOOO.

    The school got right back to me right up until I asked about the speech in the IEP. Now all of a sudden no answer. Hmmm

    As for the other speech the reason the outside people went from two times a week to one is that this facility would not take him both times in a week at least 75% of the time for one reason or another. The biggest being they had no one to transport him. :hammer: :rolleyes:

    The nursing staff is the staff that actually said someting to the effect that since we didn't want to take care of our child they do all the dr appointments and that was that. (FReak out moment here even husband got upset by that one and he doesn't get upset often).

    And as for "inviting them to the staffing" that has happened before and no one showed up. Go figure. It shouldn't be an option if they are part of his care. But nursing doesn't attend for some reason. So then any health questions or questions on appointments with psychiatrist are taken down and not gotten back to us.

    As for the situation with difficult child 2 and child a (former step sister) they implemented the plan and the next day they talked. So as for it working once it also hasn't worked at least once. Hmm what are the odds that mister manipulation will figure a way around this like the girl in his class.

    I mean this is the same school difficult child 2 got someone elses medicine, razors and razor blades from someone else while at. If they can't stop this stuff (one of our other concerns) how do they expect to stop him from talking or listening to someone.

    We try very hard to accomodate anything requested of us about the kids. When you have them in three places (home and two separate rtcs) I think we do darn well with complying to everything asked of us.

    When we ask small things to be done with or for our difficult children I don't think it is too much to ask that they adopt what they are asked to.

    This childs social skills are worse than when he entered (which I knew was a side effect of placement) but there is no improvement.

    I think it is harder with this situation because we have difficult child 1 in such a good Residential Treatment Center (RTC). The staff and us work as a team.

    Our social worker wanted to know if we had any questions or concerns about the letter. Who boy wait til she gets my call on monday. I will have had time to stew and fester about it and collect all my thoughts. Gotta love those late Friday afternoon letters.

    Sorry so long and thanks for listening.