Genetics at Work

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Hound dog, Nov 5, 2007.

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    I understand genetics, truely I do. But sometimes seeing it can make you step back and really appreciate what it means.

    Now my older sis and I look and awfully lot alike, we also are near carbon copies of our paternal grandmother.

    Nichole has always looked just like me, at whatever age she passed thru. Take the extra pounds away she has now and she'd look almost exactly as I did at 18.

    Not so long ago Nichole went to get her hair styled in one of those cute short short cuts where you spike the hair up in the back. Well, the stylist butchered her hair to say the least, and it's too short to fix right now.

    I can't stop staring at her. Nichole looks exactly like my older sis! It's uncanny. And now I'm noticing that Nichole also has ALOT of my sis's facial expressions and gestures, too. Now that's just weird cuz Nichole has seen my sis maybe a total of 15 times in her life, certainly never long enough to pick up on anything like that. As if that isn't enough, personality wise Nichole is also very very similar to my older sis.

    This is something I'd probably not even noticed if it hadn't been for the hair cut. (sis wears her hair cut extremely short)

    While I'm on the subject......

    My sis is a carbon copy of our paternal aunt. Not just in appearance, but personality, expressions, and even down to their voices. Since we weren't raised around my Dad's family, the first time I saw my aunt at a reunion it took me at least 5 mins to realize it WASN'T my sis!!!

    This odd trend has already passed into the next generation. Aubrey is an exact carbon copy of Nichole, you can't tell Aubrey's pics from Nichole's or mine as babies. Aubrey has her mother's personality so far as we can tell. And is even showing definate signs of being a Tom Boy..... Which paternal aunt, older sis, myself, and Nichole all were.

    Weird. And a bit unsettling.

    Especially when many of the people involved weren't raised around each other, yet still managed to have amazingly similar personalities, behaviors, ect.

    Hmmmm. Another side note I just thought of..... Paternal aunt, older sis, myself, and Nichole are all bipolar. I can't say if paternal grandmother was or not as I was very very young when she passed on.

    Really settled in my mind that whole "nuture" aspect of gfgdom. Sure, I realize it does have an impact. But obviously, at least in our family, it's not the main factor in gfgdom. (and this is only my bio dad's side lol)
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    Where does that leave Aubrey? LMAO
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    I was wondering if anyone would catch that Janet. :wink:
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    Did you ever figure out what was going on, healthwise, with Nichole?
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    So far what we've learned is she's diabetic and has fibromyalgia. We haven't heard back from the doctor as far as the blood/urine tests he ran, so I'm assuming they didn't indicate any other things he was looking for.

    Your question reminded me to update my signature. :smile:
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    Have her call. Working for doctors, I know they sometimes are supposed to call, but get tied up and forget to call. Her bloodwork could be sitting in the middle of a huge pile that the office manager is trying to get him to sign off on.....yep, been there done that.
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    I've believed for a long time that genetics is the bigger factor. difficult child came out the way she is. And at 3 weeks old she had the same facial expressions as her dad. She even flicks her toes like he always did. As an infant and now. She hasn't seen her dad since she was 3. Those were some strong genes. But, she looks like me.