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    Well it seems that things maybe improving for us. difficult child 2 went to her equine therapist and loved it, she is excited about working with the horses and has been working very hard at home to control her emotions (practice for the horse)after all if you are not in control of your emotions he backs away and you cant pet him!
    I was intouch with the sd trying to get her back into public school, at first i was told that she couldnt come back that they were suggesting Residential Treatment Center (RTC), when i told them that none in the state would take her either because she is to violent,young or they are full i was told to look out of state. I reminded them that difficult child 2 does have an iep thru the homeschooling program and does have a 504 and also that when they told me homeschool her or place her in Residential Treatment Center (RTC) they could not leaglly do that and i would be intouch with a lawyer and the news they asked if i could attend a new iep meeting to discuss her going back to public school.
    difficult child 1 i no longer in Department of Juvenile Justice. they moved him to an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) here in town. im not sure why and we still have court to attend, but him being there is better than jail. At least there he will have to see a therapist and will get to work on his other behaviors while awaiting court.
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    Wow! Talk about having your answers ready! Way To Go!
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    AWESOME! We do horsie therapy too and it is a great great thing for my Q. (a little cold outside and our place does not have an indoor rink but it is mild this winter so we still go)

    Good job setting them straight.
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    Sounds like progress!
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    Very good! The horse therapy sounds wonderful, and the idea of practicing at home is ever better. :)

    So glad you were able to stand your ground about the home schooling issue. You GO warrior mom!
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    Horse therapy is an amazing thing. My difficult child is training to show jump, and the lessons are the one thing we do not use as punishment. We can see her depression and anxiety visibly lift while she is there. And, she is using her DBT skills also. Her trainer is always telling her to be mindful, and in the now. That she has to only focus on the horse. It is wonderful to watch her up on that horse smiling and relaxed, and at the same time so focused.
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    i would like to thank all of you ... when i feel like i am going thru this alone reading your posts shows me im not alone .. a lot of questions would have never been asked if i hadnt taken advice from you guys .. you guys have also helped me to understand that there are no cookie cutter kids so cookie cutter parenting does not work and to think outside the box .. THANK YOU!!!!!
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    i dont think i am a warrior mom yet !!! maybe a warrior mom in training :warriorsmiley:
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    TTTF... Oh Yes You Are... definitely a Warrior Mom.
    Maybe not quite as battle-hardened as some of the long-timers around here - I'm not either.
    But you HAVE "taken up the fight". Changed your approach. Sought new "weapons". Discovered "armour".

    You left the training barricks long ago.
    When you came here, you didn't know it but you were already a Warrior Mom.

    Glad you found some new hardware for your chest, and that some of it is already working for you!