Getting healthy: Ties in with Lil's weight loss thread.


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If enough people do what is right, we don't need a bunch of petty rules. Because usually, most people do not... the rest of us get stuck with a bureaucratic nightmare.


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But that bar owner was the biggest opponent to the law there was when it came out. You see, he knew that his business might take a hit from smokers who didn't like it...and he was in a financial position to take the risk. But he felt, as I feel, that it should be the business owners' choice on what (perfectly legal) activities they choose to allow in their businesses.

This was a big debate also here before the legislation was accepted. In the end there wasn't a hit for the business that was feared, maybe because it was a law and every bar had to comply. People were not ready to skip their bar nights just because they had to go out or to those cubicles to smoke. In fact some people who didn't like to be in the room with smoking started to frequent bars again.

But it was a very heated debate also here. Now we are already used to it and are tantruming over different topics, when our government tries to forbid everything fun from us for our own good ;)


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Big deal here in Wisconsin too and business hasn't suffered.

Where I work, if you smoke you not only have to leave the building, but the premises on your break. You will get fired if you don't comply.