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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Nov 24, 2009.

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    Have any of you seen or heard of elf or eyeslipsface makeup? It is very affordable makeup that has been written up in all the women's magazines. I love the stuff.

    The brushes are decent quality, the products are very good and they have quite a range. Their first "line" of makeup is priced at $1 per item. Lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, foundation, brushes, all are there for $1. They have a mineral line that is more, and a studio line that is more. The "more" is a little more expensive and the quality is also more than a little bit better.

    They have a $3 concealer that has tea tree oil and salicylic acid to treat zits. One end is a pencil and the other is a brush to blend it in with.

    They offer a LOT of promotions. Right now you can use the code LOYAL and get a free mini makeup kit with a LOT of stuff in it. Buy any item, even a $1 item, enter this code, pay the shipping of $6.95 and you get this delivered. The $1 item would have the same shipping even with-o the kit.

    Or, order their elements line - a $1 compact with 4 openings, and 4 items to fill those openings - eyeshadow, lip stuff, blush - and then take 75% off of the price with code EC75CE.

    This is a way to get quite a "BANG" for your buck! You can give gifts and get some for yourself too!

    You can also buy some of their items at Target now. They have various items packaged for gifts and the pricing is the same as online - just no shipping fees. It is a great way to test the line and then you can buy other items online if they don't offer them.
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    Wow, Susie! You are just the consummate online shopper! :D I'll have to check it out next time I'm at Target. Like tomorrow. Or tonight. I was just there yesterday. I think I must actually live there. Where's my personal parking space they promised?
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    My beard makes makeup a no-go. Don't ask...
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    Thanks Susie. I saw a post on another site, went and looked last night. Tonight I went back and got 4 compacts of eyeshadows for the girls (Jana, daughter in law, Ash, and difficult child's girlfriend) for less than 12 shipped. I'm so excited about this deal.
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    I'm going to Target on Fri. Will check it out for presents. Many thanks!
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    I have bought from the site and can attest that the product are great - non-irritating and inexpensive, not made in China and delivery is fast. I signed up for emails when they have specials.

    Our computer's monitor just spazzed out. H wants to buy a 20" for his computer since he uses CAD programs so he's giving me his 17" and we can pick up a 20" at Target for less than $200!! Target has great deals going this entire week, not only on Friday.

    I had all the fliers for the local Black Friday sales but H put them in the recycle bin and they were carted off this morning. So now I have to go on line and check out the items I was looking at!!

    My wish list on Amazon is growing in leaps and bounds. Can't wait to get my bonus so I can buy some things. Does anyone else have a wish list on Amazon? It is the coolest - my sister in WV turned me on to it a couple of years ago. Once you sign up for an account, you can put things into your Wish List and then anyone who knows your email account can check out your list! It's a nice way to keep the element of surprise in gift giving.

    I'm so excited, because I think H is going to get me the Nook or the Kindle or the Sony reader!!! I added his desired item to my list on Amazon also. It's an electronic note pad *(not a computer). Here's a link to the item:

    He will be able to write his notes down on any job and if he wants he can then download them to his computer so they won't get lost. He will be able to edit them, highlight items, etc. It's perfect for him. He's on so many jobs making lists and inevitably they end up going through the laundry and then he's lost.
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    If I did, wouldya buy me sumpin? ;)