Gluten-free support thread


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Sounds like there are a few of us who have started or are thinking about starting the gluten-free diet.

Thought it might be nice to have a gluten-free support thread, where we can share ideas for cooking, and for symptoms, changes, etc. A general discussion of gluten-free in our lives.

For the record, I've been on this road for more than a month, and am finding most things easier than I thought.

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I have been trying to gluten free for a few years, now. I read somewhere that foods that will be most harmful to us will affect us in the same way an addiction does. That when we eat, say, something sugary, or something with gluten in it, our bodies react in a way that sets up a craving for the item. More bread and pasta, or more sugary food, or whatever it is that our bodies have trouble digesting correctly, cause the addictive reaction because for us to have digested them at all, certain enzymes will have been produced. The enzymes exist, so we crave more of that food, so the theory goes. It was so hard for me to give up pasta and bread and baked everything that I loved. Now, when I do have those things, they don't taste the same way. They are not satisfying in the way they once were. Here is the interesting part. If I eat more, because I haven't been made sick by the pasta or the cookies or whatever it is, then that satisfying feeling I remember about eating those things kicks in, along with my body's reaction. I had ice cream recently. This is another food I don't do well with. I hadn't had it in so long that it didn't taste deeply, richly satisfying as I remembered it to have been. I ate it anyway of course, looking for that same feeling, right? That response did not happen. I did get a little bit sick from it, but now, the sickness is not worth the ice cream, because the ice cream no longer fills whatever reaction I had to it when I was eating alot of ice cream.

The craving is gone.

Isn't that something.

How are you doing with gluten free, IC? I have given up almost everything containing gluten. I will have pasta every once in awhile, but not the gluten-free kind. Ice cream (I have a dairy allergy, too), cheese, cookies, bread ~ none of those things even appeal to me, anymore. I don't miss them. I did, at first. It isn't only gluten, for me. It is chocolate, corn syrup in all its derivations, butter, beef, popcorn. Very strange things that seem not to be connected. I can eat pork. Some fish, but not all. Rice, I cannot do. Eggplant, I cannot do.

Hot dogs? Those, I can eat.

I cannot find the connection between all these foods. Strawberries or bananas, I cannot eat.
No peanuts or peanut butter, but I can eat tree nuts.

Apples and oranges, those I can eat.

Very strange. We are going to explore the possibility of a B 12 shortage and its connection to allergies. I will post here about what we learn.