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    If this is not okay, moderators, please feel free to delete.

    So many of us are on restricted diets or have family members who are. My easy child found this website that offers snack packs and lunch packs for on the go meals and mini meals at affordable pricing. I know when my kids were little and we went to the park or a show it was a pain to pack snacks and meals for in the car or at the park. These would have been perfect.

    They are all made from organic natural ingredients and have no transfats. Many of the meals are vegetarian and gluten free. Anyway, just thought I'd post it in case anyone else is interested. (I have no vested interest in this product - just thought I'd share)
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    No problem on posting the link Jo - we welcome helpful website links on this board - as long as the person posting the link does not benefit financially! Thanks for posting, I'm sure it will be helpful to many on restrictive diets or who have family members on a restrictive diet.

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    Thanks, Jo!