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now martie, I have a contest entry in an dental office that the teams going to the super bowl will be the saints and the colts. I want to win!! lol

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Wish I could offer congrats but being a major Packer fan I can't quite do that

It is bringing back not so good memories of the mid 80s!

I am glad, however, that you are happy about the outcome.


I have great memories of the 1985 Bears. I watched every one with my mother and easy child who was born in Jan 1985. LOLOL My mother and easy child had about the same level of understanding and interest in football (one gets to say that after caring for a parent with Alzheimer's for 8 years, no offense to anyone who feels differently) so they entertained each other while I watched.

easy child is in NYC with ex-difficult child for the weekend. She just called all excited and I told her she watched the Championship game AND the Super Bowl the January after the 85 season. easy child said, "Oh...I don't really remember it too well...." DUH!!!! I laughed so hard.

Where do the years go? Hug your babies--tomorrow they will be 22 and in NYC for the weekend.

It looks like it's going to be New England--sorry for mustangchick and cheers for saving grace. However, it's still the 2nd quarter but currently 21-3. I like football--can you tell? but deliver early so husband can go to the game? I don't think so.

Martie :laugh:


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Hey, Mstng - sorry to brag so early, but 2nd quarter, Pats are spankin' the Colts

Maybe it'll turn around.



I'm only interested in which team would be easier for the Bears to beat--from the looks of this one, the answer is NEITHER!!!



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We live in Illinois and I had to go across town right as the game was ending and without thinking started toward my regular route through campus. There were a few cop cars with sirens and I thought perhaps there was an accident but instead there were hundreds of kids pouring out into the main street and heading towards who knows where. They were having a ball!

I just hopped onto google video and showed easy child Sr. The Super Bowl Shuffle by the 1985 team. He hadn't heard of it before and got a kick out of it.


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LOL, Martie - I'm a bit hoarse from yelling at the TV this afternoon. Was a great game and I'm just tickled. Remember the '85 team *very* well (though I have to admit I was a Big Red (the old St. Louis Cardinals) fan at the time). We were laughing because during the game today the announcer said something about the '85 team overshadowing all Bears' players since... heck, Perry alone overshadows them. :wink:

Will we be blessed with an updated shuffle, you think?

I'm so looking forward to the Superbowl... kids are already making playdate because I get a bit... uh, animated during the games. But Boo thinks I'm extremely entertaining.