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    I spoke with- the intake worker this morning and we've made an appointment for a family tour at the PMIC next Wednesday.

    Intake worker said it's a frustrating process of getting approved by the state to be in the facility. She said basically what happens is she submits information to the state with an admission date. On that date, she'll get a call of approved or disapproved. So you have to be prepared to go, but knowing it may not happen. :mad: However she did also say that from the behaviors I mentioned he seemed like a good candidate for their facility. I informed her that the psychiatric and therapist are both supportive of the placement.

    So we'll see and hope for the best!
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    Keeping my fingers crossed!!! Good luck, let us know what happens. :)
  3. Good luck.
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    Hope all goes well.
    Good luck!
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    what is PMIC?
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    Best of luck. I can imagine how disruptive that would be if they approve and you have to fill their slot immediately. Brings back memories of my Peace Corps application.
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    Psychiatric Mental Institute for Children

    Here's the description from the facility's webpage:

    The Psychiatric Medical Institute for Children (PMIC) is designed especially for children between the ages of 5 and 18 years who present serious emotional and behavioral problems.
    The basic foundation of this program is designed to develop positive self-concepts, social and problem-solving skills while integrating child and family treatment components. Components include milieu treatment, family therapy, individual therapy, educational services, recreation, peer group treatment, psychiatric and psychological services.

    The specific one we're trying to get placement at is for kids 5 - 13.
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    I received the paperwork yesterday ... OMG, I felt like I was taking kids to every dr they'll see in their lifetime with all the forms requesting the same information over and over. I think I signed my name about 150 times! But I read every form beginning to end and even got through the family handbook last night.

    I am more comfortable with- the family can and can'Tourette's Syndrome now. There are no restrictions on family contact. He'll have a safe list of who he can accept calls, letters and visits from and can also make calls and write letters. They encourage the family to join for meals, games, therapies (group and individual) and even discipline/support. Also it helped ease my financial mind knowing that the visits we make can be reimbursed for mileage ~ it's an hours drive in a town we go to maybe once every 4 or 5 months. So that 30 cents a mile will make visiting often less of a financial struggle.