Going in a different direction....actually going roundabout.

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    with depression and high anxiety.

    not Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

    i asked a bit back about clinical research, and i ultimately made the decision to go forward with it. the process is lengthy, but it results in thorough neuropsychologist testing, so its well worth it to me. we've gone through several stages already and have now made it to the infamous questionaires.

    in which she does NOT remotely score Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

    i got the phone call today from the lead dr of the study to clarify some things and i explained the whole thing (i figured, what the heck at this point since it was clear it was a no thanks kind of call). she was VERY nice and completely got it--and was gracious enough to say, well, you have 3 independent (local, all in bed with one another) diagnosis's so SINCE you do, i'm going to push you forward...but made it VERY clear that at any point we can be dropped if determined to not be on the spectrum. (our conversation was very clear, and her point of view was crystal clear). obviously, they are running a clinical research study with a specific population--it doesnt benefit them to have their study skewed by someone that doesnt meet their criteria, and i fully understand that.

    so we are, for now, going to push forward. frankly, we dont really think she is, but i live in a state in which its the flavor du jour, so it was nice to hear it from an independent source.

    this was the most thorough round of questionaires we've ever done--it was comprehensive.

    but we also all know what i think of questionaires :rofl:

    i'm very excited to move on to the next stage, where it could be conceivably rule out, putting it to bed once and for all. this is the best in the world hospital...i'm pretty sure i'd value their opinion just slightly over some of my local proclaimed "experts" who see spectrum disorders in everyone referred to them....considering thats what their practices are built on.

    and no, i'm not foolish enough to think that questionaires make a diagnosis either way (there were a few other things involved), which is WHY i want to go forward. i was told that if its rule out, they would still provide contacts which might be more appropriate...to be honest, that alone would be a huge help since i've had a lot of trouble navigating their hospital system or run into mile long waiting lists.

    so we will see.

    it just might be a new chapter for us....

    (ROFLMAO--i just noticed i never updated my sig--its been suggested the Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)-not otherwise specified is a better diagnosis at various stages....evidently i subliminally rule out on my own, lol!)