Going to buy some vitamins, fish oil...


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I read on the web that they should take 2g fish oil (that is alot) each day and it will take several weeks to see an effect.

I also read that vitamins should have C, E, 500 mcg Folic acid and Selenium.

Anyone else hear different information? I'm sure there are lots of different information out there.

I have been searching around for some good ones that are not overly expensive. I guess I will look to see what CVS might have.
I highly recommend that you see a professional to put your plan in place. There are many different practioners that could help and you wouldn't have to commit to long-term treatment.


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I agree with the above post that seeing a professional who is knowledgeable about pyschiatric disorders and nutrition is an excellent idea. Finding one, depending on where you live might be another story. DAN (defeat autism now) tend to be doctors who are very willing to work nutritionally with parents, even if their child is not on the spectrum.

You also might want to consider a CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) doctor.

Another source of information on alternative treatments for somebody in your situation is www.alternativementalhealth.com

good luck