going to first IEP staffing


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in a couple of weeks i will be going to my first staffing meeting at my difficult child 1 school. in this meeting they are going to try to decide whether or not my son needs an IEP and or 504. the IEP will be to help him explore more of his gifted talents so that he won't be bored in class and cause disruptions. the 504 will determine what kind of adaptations he will need, like being able to turn in missing assignments without punishment. does anyone have any feedback on what to bring, questions to ask, or what to expect? thanks


You don't want them to "decide" whether your child needs an IEP or 504. What you want is for them to evaluate appropriately in accordance with IDEA federal and state regulations, and an IEP committee (which includes the parent) to make determinations.

How do you do this?

Send a Certified Letter to your school district's Special Education director requesting the evaluation. If you need a sample letter, http://www.conductdisorders.com/com...a-formal-request-for-iep-re-evaluation.22433/ is helpful. You can edit out the Parent Report and submit it in a couple of weeks if you wish (retitle it Parent Input).

It's very important to use certified mail. It kicks in mandated timelines within which the sd must perform and provides your child legal protections regarding behavior.

There's a Getting Started thread in the Special Education Archives forum that will help you get your feet wet regarding parent and child educational rights.


Ditto Sheila.

First of all, giftedness is not a covered category under IDEA (governing IEPs) and 504s aren't worth much.

You need an evaluation completed that is in compliance with the law. To get that send a certified request because you will need proof of when the letter was sent.

I would suggest in addition to the Getting Started thread in the Archives, asking a look at all the parent self-education information on http://www.Wrightslaw.com.