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I want to change my life. Any good books or magazines, or tv shows. I feel kinda lost. I am unemployed, over weight, so i know i have to work on that. But i want more but dont know how to do it. I have always put everyone else first. So now its my turn but im lost. Any ideas.


I read all of the time. It relaxes me and if I find that I am having trouble concentrating when reading, it's a sure sign that I am way too stressed out and need to get back on track. I keep a few books going at once. I have a suspense one I am currently reading, a self help one and a faith one or devotional. Oh, and if u have a library close to you, they have magazines there too. Maybe spending time there could help you relax.


100% better than I was but not at 100% yet
I have the Kindle app on my phone and I read true crime. That's pretty much all I read and I am obsessed. I think if I had to do over I would have gotten into forensics. They actually offer that class now in high school. Oh well!

Dieting = start by walking every day. I'm on WW. It's $5 per week and it helps me to track everything I eat. I tried it on my own and it doesn't work. I lost 8 pounds so far and feel so much better and my clothes fit better. Have made so many new and delicious recipes ( which is free to anyone). I hope to lose another ten and keep it off. It's really not a diet but a lifestyle change.

You'll never be younger than you are today!!

Good luck. YOU can do it and YOU are worth it!


Supporting you all the way! Go to the beauty shop, get a haircut...pick a nail color! Take a walk with Spring coming, there is so much to be Thankful for!

Do you like to craft? A craft store can be fun! Many people find solace in do not need to be trained!! Just enjoy!!!

Celebrate..Its a new day!


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While I greatly enjoy watching my tv shows, they WONT change your life. Get a job as that alone can be very fulfilling. Start losing weight. Like RN said, walk every day. Its not huge but its a start and it helps. Lil and I use and exercise a bit.

I hope to lose another ten and keep it off.



Momdidntsignupforthis is good..a bit too much truth!!! Start small, but you can find an exercise you like, better yet..find a friend to do it with.


100% better than I was but not at 100% yet

Maybe you should start with your mindset.

I'm very high on individual therapy right now because it's really helped me more than I ever thought it would.

Get your mind in the right place and the rest will follow. It's very easy to turn everything inward and be negative. It's not healthy for your mind or body.


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My numbers are no longer pre-diabetic.
Jabber. When I last posted on the intermittent fasting I had not remember that I had never heard of it until Lil posted about your sister having such success.

I read up on it (mainly the versions they use in Great Britain--mainly 5/2--and I read a lot of Jason Fung the nephrologist in Canada (his clinic is in Scarborough, Ontario)who has a blog and there are a number of articles and talks by him online (youtube). A nephrologist I found out is a kidney doctor and I had not known that diabetes causes kidney disease which is how he got involved in fasting research. (( know I posted all this before...)

He puts his diabetic and pre-diabetic patients on intermittent fasting regimens. He also puts overweight heart patients on the regimen.

His clinic will work with distant-patients.

The science of the approach is fascinating to me. And I find that extending my period of time without food very much curbs my appetite, without a loss of energy. I am trying to walk 50 minutes a day and I am doing so most days.

I do not aim for a specified period of food without food. Rather I see how each day goes. At first I was strict. Then when I got used to it, I no longer craved food all day. And I eat when I am hungry. Some days I will have French toast in the morning (no butter on top, just to fry it, no syrup but a little sugar and then I am not hungry until dinner. I have no hunger during the day with this. In this sense it does not conform to Dr. Fung's principles because he suggests a 16 hour fasting period, at least, with 20 hours being better.

Dr. Fung does allow coffee and tea, but not with sugar or Splenda. (I cheat and use Splenda.) He does allow a splash of milk in tea or coffee because he writes that it greatly increases adherence among his patience.

I turned to this method in frustration because I had been going to a nutritionist for 2 years and had lost in that time 17 pounds. When I do this intermittent fasting I lose 1 pound a week, with exercise. But I can live with this.

Dr. Fung is against calorie reduction which he refers to as the C R A P. method (To go along with your eschatological metaphor.)

Ask your sister! I think she used the 5/2 method.
I read all of the time. It relaxes me
I have the Kindle app
I read too. We must have 2000 kindle books. Almost all of them were free. The books that are out of copyright used to be available almost all of them with a free version. Now most of them still are, but some are 99 cents.

We have read with used kindles bought off amazon for the last 5 years. Now a vastly improved kindle is about $69 new. I get so much pleasure from mine.

Finally. In my area there are quilting and needlework classes through the adult education at the community college. Some towns have this in adult education. We have a quilting guild too. If this interests you, why not try? If you go so will I.
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I find that extending my period of time without food very much curbs my appetite, without a loss of energy. I am trying to walk 50 minutes a day and I am doing so most days.

Thanks for the info Copa. I'm not sure how she did it but I seriously doubt that it was with fasting. My family is big on the sweets and just cutting them down to a reasonable level, portion control, and a bit of exercise tends to work well for us. Just watching my calorie intake and exercising every day has let me lose almost 20 pounds in about two months. I've heard of the 5:2 method and did a bit of research on it and have determined that it's not for me. Without exercising, maybe but when I'm exercising food is a necessity. If I don't eat within a reasonable amount of time after exercising, I start to get shaky. The more intense the workout, the shorter the time period. And the fact of the matter is that the reason I've lost a decent amount of weight is because I've added exercise to the routine. If I were to try exercising without eating soon after I'd quickly find myself binging.


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Speaking of exercise, snd since she asked about changing her life in so many ways, not just losing weight, id like to add that excercize is GREAT for lifting mood and working off stress.

Mostly, original poster, you probaby should read books to teach you ways to detach from his drama. Detaching doesnt mean stop loving. That could never happen. It just means to detach from their drama. Learn that at his age he will do what he wants, is unlikely to accept guidance like when he was small, and has to learn himself. Or not. You cant force a grown man to do better. That is 100% up to him. So there is no point for you, no matter how your heart burns with love, to take on his challenges and drama. It wont help you. It wont change him.

If you get busy with your own life and detach from his drama (even though you stilll love him) you will feel better all the way around. You brought your son into your heart. We all do. Anyone in our heart can hurt us. But you can keep him tucked in a loving part of your heart and live your own life too. It is actually good in my opinion for your son to see you living life. It is a healthy example.

Take gentle care of you.