Good Monday morning friends...

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I have :coffee: brewing & the paper has arrived. Since I could no longer sleep I thought I'd enjoy this quiet time catching up on the world.

I see my neurologist this afternoon; an EMG & EEG is scheduled. Going to throw some chicken in the crockpot before I leave so dinner is ready.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm.


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Oh, fun! EMG... you end up feeling like a pincushion. You need someone who also specialises in acupuncture, so you can get some treatment benefit out of it as well.
I hope they don't use that ghastly gel in the EEG, that takes forever to wash out of your hair. I remember thinking I'd have to chip it out, it set like Araldite. Hopefully the newer stuff is more in vogue. Last one I had, no ghastly glue-type gel.
I hope they can get some answers for you today.

difficult child 3 is still feeling sick, I had him to the GP this afternoon. Antibiotics for sinus infection - here's hoping that's all he needs. Plus mother in law rang early this morning, she had to ring the ambulance with suspected heart problems. husband is visiting her tonight in the hospital, hopefully we'll have more answers. What with me being extra tired with the extra early start, and difficult child 3 still feeling sick, he didn't get enough work done today. It's difficult - the work asks, almost as a throwaway, for him to play a game on a basketball court. We haven't got one in the village - there are hoops, but at the local school and he can't use them during school hours. And after school, he was at the doctor's. Then he was supposed to play a game with spaghetti, soft sweets and marshmallows. He then has to write up the scores. But he has to play them WITH a number of other people, which isn't easy when you haven't got enough people around, or you have to go to the shops to get the sweets.
We keep working on these pages but whenever we hit something that needs more people/equipment than we have, we come to a screaming halt. We can't do it tomorrow, either, because difficult child 3's drama class is back on, he has to go out to that after school. I really think we just need to fudge it, but autistic kids are scrupulously honest, he'll have an anxiety attack if I try to insist.

I got difficult child 1 to do some gardening for me today. He was willing enough, but at the first difficulty (such as "Where do I put all these weeds?") he stopped work and went back to his computer games. With everything else I just didn't have the time or energy to keep chasing him. And getting easy child 2/difficult child 2 to ring her college counsellor - another panic attack when she got an answering machine.

I think it was just one of those days...



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Timer lady- good luck today with the testing! I'm using my crockpot today too-easy dinner!
Marg-At least some of the gardening got done!

Today I'm on my way to work, but only until noon. I'm scared my cancer came back, even though the Dr. said it most likely isn't. I had a nodule on my lung at a Cat scan 4 weeks ago, and have to wait 6-8 weeks to repeat the test. If it came back I'm at stage 4. I have been trying to have fun and do alot of nice things with my kids, yesterday we went to the beach...etc. It was a tiny thing, so tiny it wasn't even on the x-ray.-Alyssa


Good Monday morning!

Linda, hope your tests go well. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts.

Marg, sorry you had one of those days. Hope difficult child 3 is on the mend soon.

Alyssa, waiting for results is so very difficult. Sending many positive thoughts your way.

Today is our last day at the lake in New Hampshire. A college friend with her 9-year-old daughter may drive over from Portland, ME, to join us. I haven't seen her in many years so it will be nice to catch up. Since the day has dawned bright and sunny, I'm sure the girls will go boating and swimming.

Tomorrow I drive 5 hours to my brother's house in New York. On Wednesday we drive the remaining 5 hours home. It will be hard to enter reality after this very long vacation.

Keep it cool. Hi to anyone who snuck in.


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Good morning everyone. A busy day today with a new child starting today but nice weather so hopefully all will go well. difficult child is not doing well and is walking with one shoulder higher than the other and complaining of still having neck pain. Not sure if this has become a tic or something from the accident.

Sorry for not addressing everyone, work starts any second. Hope everyone has a happy Monday :smile:


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:coffee: Good Morning on a No Meltdown Monday!

Linda, hope all goes well with your tests today - since you'll have dinner all prepped and cooking when you get home, you get a "relax and nap the rest of the day" ticket!

Marg, hope mother in law is ok. Seems like your house hasn't quite gotten back into full swing since your long vacation!

Alyssa, wishing you good health as you anticipate your tests. Remember, it's the little things that make a difference in the end.

SW, sounds like you all have had a fabulous time with your folks and the water!

easy child, her best bud and I are off to the beach this morning :beach: The Vans Warp Tour is tomorrow and I have been taking the girls for three years now. It's a huge event that runs from 11 until 9 pm. We'll spend the day on the beach today and then I'll drive them to the venue, drop them off, and then sit on the beach myself! easy child's boyfriend and some buddies are driving up for the day so they'll follow me back to the hotel when I pick up the girls. They'll all swim at the hotel for awhile, get something to eat, then the guys will drive home. We'll return Wed afternoon as easy child doesn't want to miss more work then necessary (she's saving money up for another trip next week!)

The only feather in the mix is that difficult child is not feeling well. He's staying with dad, and if you remember, staying with dad while I was in New York wasn't great. He's excited, but got some sort of stomach virus yesterday afternoon and I hate leaving him when he's not feeling well. I'm hoping he's ok this morning.

I'm not taking my laptop so I won't be around till Wednesday afternoon. You all be good you hear........


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Good Morning All,

I'm sorry I don't have time to address everyone individually this morning but computer was having issues and now I don't have the time! In a bit we're taking difficult child to husband's niece's apartment where my sister in law will watch him. Then husband and I have an appointment with difficult child's therapist. She only wanted a parent meeting today.

Then we're headed home to get easy child-it's her birthday!!! She turns 14! We'll go pick up difficult child and sister in law and take easy child out to lunch!

Not sure what the rest of the day holds-at some point a workout! I also have to buy or make a cheesecake for easy child's birthday.

I hope everyone enjoys a day filled with some fun! :princess:

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Good morning everyone!

It's Monday and it's raining. haha

difficult child is job hunting today.

H is taking a break from working on the addition due to the rain in our area (or promise thereof).

I am at work and wishing I wasn't. Just would like to sleep in a bit and maybe read a book today.

Have a good one!
Good morning, all! Cubs start a one-week "science camp" at a local science museum today. It's sort of the "treat week" since it wasn't cheap. difficult child's only runs until 12:30 but husband gets some peace. He can fix the other sink faucet today! You can guess he's thrilled. I was lucky enough to get the Harry Potter book yesterday from husband, so now it's easy child's turn. Hope everyone has a good day!


Good Morning and thanks so much to all of you wise folks on this board! It's starting to feel like a lifeline. We had a wonderful weekend without difficult child...he was at skate camp. Came home exhausted and was a bear this morning. Sleep seems to be more of an issue than it's ever been. I'm wondering what that means. Anyway, good day to all of you. Deep breaths!