Good Monday morning friends.......

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It's a warm muggy morning here - not enough to turn on a/c just yet. I expect it won't be long this morning. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif

Yesterday turned out to be a very quiet day here - PCA took kt out to visit the local humane society & then over to the little local free zoo here in town. It was a nice 3 hours of very quiet.

kt has been :flower: a bit sheepish & trying to pull things together here. I believe I see a hint of maturity combined with a bit of empathy. This is our first week off ESY so it should prove to be an interesting morning until PCA shift starts around 1.

This morning my physical therapist comes in - it will be time to start to schedule this out of home by the end of the week. I need to make a run to the pharmacy today or tomorrow & am planning in on stopping in to visit the music academy I attended & check in with my instructor. I should know by the end of the week if neurologist feels I can continue with the piano at the same level or if there has been some cognitive thing going on.

Either way - I want to go back & start over if I need to.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm. I certainly plan on it.


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G'day, Linda. It's good when the kids begin to show a bit of maturity. Don't expect too much, though.

The piano thing - it's possible that you're just taking a bit longer trying to re-teach your fingers how to move. It is a complex task. I used to find even scales were tricky when my hands weren't great - my fingers would stumble then my brain would lose the place. Hopefully it's nothing more than that.

I've had easy child 2/difficult child 2 very unwell today. No fever, but a very heavy head cold and she slept all day instead of doing her college assignment (due tomorrow night). I'm hoping she'll be well enough to do it tomorrow. I took over this computer a lot more than I meant to, as well. I'm in the final stages of a friend's book, I needed the bigger 'box' to email the file to the printer, when I spotted some mistakes in the text which the author has to fix. ASAP. I haven't got the phone number where she is, I'm hoping she checks her email, otherwise I'll be working on this through the week. And she was just saying yesterday, what a painless procedure this has been!

Dinner is cooking (lamb roast) so I don't have to worry about it until almost serving time. The kids are processing themselves through the bathroom and it's plurry cold here, my toes are numb.

Enjoy your warmth while you have it. Our days are getting warmer.



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Good morning.
Linda- I'm glad kt is trying so hard, she really is a good kid at heart! :kisses:
Marg- I hope easy child/difficult child 2 is feeling better quickly. Your whole brood needs a serious break from being ill. :ill:
I have to go pay for a building permit today: husband & his buddy will be putting on a deck-like porch on the front of our house next weekend. No more stoop! :bravo: Then Duckie has her dress rehearsal at drama club, followed by a birthday pool party, next is short break before attending the end of the summer reading program bash at the library after dinner. Too busy for me! :whew:
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:

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Good Morning!

Linda-I'm glad you had a quiet 3 hours yesterday! I hope your morning goes well! It's great to hear kt is showing some maturity and empathy. :smile:

Marguerite-I hope your difficult child is feeling better soon and that nobody else comes down with it! :ill:

TM-You do have a busy day planned! How fun that you are getting a new deck!! :smile:

My sister in law came last night unexpectedly and we had a great time. She has her granddaughter (my great niece)with her. She is just a year old and adorable!

This morning husband is taking difficult child to a dentist appointment. and later difficult child and I will go to a pool with my best friend and her son (my godson). At least that is the plans but so far I don't see any sun!

Later tonight husband and I will go for a workout! :smile:

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day-hi to anyone who snuck in! :kisses:


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/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif Good Morning on a No Meltdown Monday!

Linda, glad that kt is settling a little. I'm sure, with your deterination, the piano will be something you enjoy again very soon :kisses:.

Marg, wow! one in your brood seems to have been sick since you came back from holiday :ill: Have a good Tuesday

TM, sounds like an extremely busy day for you - well, you always have tons of stuff going on - hope you can relax at the pool party :beach:

Well, the Visit :surprise: ends today as mom is getting ready to leave as I type this. We have had a nice time, but I will be happy to have a little "down" time.

I have a battery of tests today - pelvic exam, fasting blood work, mamogram..... My doctor appointment is at 11:30 :doctor: then difficult child has a psychiatrist appointment at 3. Fortunately he is feeling much better and was kinda back to normal (stomach bug) by yesterday afternoon.

Wishing everyone a great Monday :smile:



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Welcome. Spare room is crowded, but easy child 2/difficult child 2's bed is free (permanently) since she now sleeps with BF2, in the sleepout. I hope you can manage to fight your way past her medieval wardrobe; the Maid Marion outfits, the Morticia Addams and the various corsets. Ignore the inflatable furniture; or better yet, here's a safety pin you can use.

Watch out for the stilletos (shoes, that is) on the rug.