Good Monday Morning!

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Good Morning All,

It's Monday and the start of another work week for me. Thankfully this one looks not quite so busy as last. It's cold here this morning. Minus 9 with the windchill. After work today I'm hoping to squeeze a workout in before dinner and dropping difficult child of at his faith formation class. Other than that not much on the agenda-thank goodness.

I hope everyone's day holds an unexpected pleasure. Hi to anyone who snuck in.


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Sharon- have a good day, i hope your able to get your workout in.

Well back to the grind today, waiting to see waht is going to happen with my co-teacher. difficult child has nothing planned but school, and then home. So here's hoping to a quiet week :grin:


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G'day, Sharon. Crikey, -9 with windchill - my workout would be shivering my way to the mailbox and back!

Jen, I hope you have the restful time you're expecting. We need top grab whatever breaks we can.

I managed to get difficult child 3 to do a fair bit of work today, even though school starts officially, for the students, tomorrow. But it eased him back into schoolwork and he did the subject he likes least - PD/PE - although his teacher, either with amazing luck or foresight, had chosen "beach activities" as his topic. The next topic - Cronulla race riots. For us, that's right next door. It was about 13 months ago that it happened and authorities still worry about situations here it could happen again. We have our own perspective on why it happened (from talking to people in the area) and they're off to a bad start even labelling it 'race riot'. Sub-cultural clash, more like. Civil war, connected to different cultural views on how to treat women, coupled with the concept of revenge attacks merely for having a different viewpoint.

Oh well, that's the next worksheet. It's going to be challenging for him, he really hasn't got the social skills it will need.

I had promised difficult child 3 that I would take him to the beach when he got his work done - he didn't finish until almost 5 pm, but the beach was still enjoyable. The water is still very warm - a good sign for possibly more rain before winter kicks in. I'll continue to use the beach as the incentive until it gets too cold for difficult child 3. Here's hoping our late summer continues for a few months more!



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Good morning!
Sharon- Stay warm and enjoy your workout.
Jen- A quiet week can be a good thing.
Marg- Perhaps difficult child can try to look at the riots from a historical perspective? It may be simpler than trying to look at from a cultural or social aspect. It would give him a chance to learn how events are often molded into a historical thread.
I don't have much on tap today, cleaning mostly. Have a great day.
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in.


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Thanks for the tip, TM. The trouble is, they've already modified the program for his needs, the questions are highly specific. He's got to write mock interview questions for the Mayor of Cronulla. I know I'm going to have to sit with him and talk him through this one. And then hope he's not too scared to visit Cronulla any time soon. And to think - we nearly sent him to the high school there! His primary school used to go to Cronulla sea pool for swimming lessons, he really liked it there (extra salt water buoyancy). And that's the pool which was the trigger for the incidents leading to the riots.
No, they're definitely pushing the social aspect - it's what this particular subject is especially focussing on. The following one deals with social interaction problems - that will be interesting also.
But you've given me an idea - I'll document the process and share the info with his PD/PE teacher.

by the way, does anybody know why this sites censored my word "p-o-l-i-t-i-c-i-a-n" yesterday? I know there are some weird cultural language clashes between Australia and the US and I do try to be careful, but I'm really confused. I'm thinking of starting a competition - what's the most innocuous word that you know that has been censored by this site? And if we really want to be naughty - what HASN'T been censored that you think should have been?

We could have fun here. I feel a Watercooler thread coming on...

Good Morning Everyone!

Sharon, I'm shivering just thinking about how cold it is where you are. I'm glad you're going to get a workout in. It is always nice to wake up to a day with not much happening!!!

Jen, I'm all for a quiet week!!! Lets pray... - QUIET IS GOOD!!!

Marg, I'm hoping for you that your late summer continues for a few more months. I'll be thinking WARM and SUNNY thoughts for you... I'm all for using whatever works to get difficult children to do what needs to be done... Wish I could join you and difficult child 3 at the beach!!!

TM, Hope your cleaning goes quickly and you get to enjoy a peaceful day!!!

I need some extra ASAP!!! husband has been sick and hasn't been able to sleep all weekend... He's had a cold for awhile. He was up coughing every night - He can't stop coughing unless he is sitting up. I finally convinced him to see his doctor - I think he needs an antibiotic.

I've got to go grocery shopping and check on my husband's elderly aunt. She lives alone and has had lots of health problems.

Hope everyone has a quiet, uneventful, peaceful MONDAY!!!

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Good morning all,

Sharon, enjoy your "boring?" day.
Jen, hope the co-teacher situation is resolved.
Marg, hearing of difficult child 3's positive choices gives me some hope. Keep up the good work. (by the way, your PM box is full)
TM, I love not having much on my plate - enjoy the day!

I'm slowly recovering from the influenza. I thought the tweedles could take you down - let me tell you, they have nothing over this crud.

Today should be a day of errands but I fear those will have to wait until tomorrow. I believe sleep & laundry are on the agenda.

Enjoy your day all- keep your loved ones close to your heart.

You and I must have been posting at the same time!!! I'm glad to hear you're beginning to recover!!! I'm glad you're leaving the errands for another day. Lots of R & R is just what you need!!!

And GOOD MORNING to anyone else that snuck in... WFEN


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Good Morning everyone. It's a crisp and sunny day. Of course if it's Monday, it must be laundry and bill day.
No wonder I slept in a bit. I'm hoping to get difficult child to be a bit more motivated in his job search.
Have a good day all.


Good morning, all. I envy those of you in the warm climates. Our high of 17 yesterday was just not much fun.

My goal for the day - make it to the end. lol

Hope everyone has a great day.


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Good morning!!!
Late... you always beat us to the "good morning" over there eastward... 8:30. easy child sounds cruddy... We call it the Northwest Crud... The never ending cough. difficult child is finally clearing up... she went to school one day last week. husband is home this week!!! We can finish painting.

Hope everyone gets healthy, stays healthy, has a wonderful stressfree day!!!

We have warmed up to 21F. Our Moose have been all over our yard and out on the ice in the bay in front!!! I keep trying to catch a glimpse of that throughout the evenings....

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It's Monday and I can't wait for it to end. difficult child is up to her old antics and H & I had an argument this morning and he left for work pretty peaved. I am crabby today and should probably avoid all human contact! Grrr.

Hope y'all have a nice day (and Steph, I hope you're all feeling better soon).